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15 July 2015

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E-commerce Fuels Hunan Rural Areas

2015 has witnessed rapid e-commerce development in rural areas of Hunan Province. Its eight cities and counties including Shaoshan, Ningxiang, Yanling, Jiangyong, Shaodong, Shuangfeng, Miluo, and Taojiang have been approved the comprehensive rural e-commerce demonstrations, with eleven entrepreneurship incubation parks, five county-level e-commerce administration and service centers, and more than 680 service points completed or to be constructed. A county-level e-commerce service network has gradually formed.


A “Smart Jiangyong” e-commerce mode integrating e-commerce, modern agriculture, beautiful village, and leisure tourism has taken initial shape in Jiangyong County. Boasting over one thousand online shops, the county has achieved total revenue of 750 million yuan in the first nine months of this year. Likewise, Shaoshan City and Yanling County have taped their own potentials of “internet plus red tourism” and “internet plus special local fruits” respectively; Shaodong County is accelerating its construction of national small commodities distribution center; Ningxiang, Taojiang, Shuangfeng counties and Miluo City have also created e-commerce brands of agricultural products based on their characteristic industries.


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