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15 July 2015

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Hunan Becomes the Largest National Industrial Base for Zinc Steel

On June 30, the local standards for Construction Use Powder Coated Zinc Steel Protection Material of Hunan Province was officially published, in which the terms of the zinc steel protection material industry, the proportion of zinc in the material, the compression, anticorrosion and connection indexes are specified. Its publication will stimulate Hunan, the largest industrial base of zinc steel in China, to make greater progress.

In recent years, the zinc steel protection material industry has developed rapidly. It has replaced traditional protection materials such as stainless steel, aluminum structure material, iron, and wooden material, to become the main choice of construction used materials. There are hundreds of zinc steel bar manufactures in Hunan, making it the largest industrial base in the field. Up to now, zinc steel products have occupied a 90% share in Hunan’s real estate projects, and have quickly expanded to other national markets.


The zinc steel market has developed so fast that a multitude of zinc steel types appeared in the market, causing great difficulties for consumers to tell the good products from the bad ones. The promptly published standard has filled the blank in the industry, enabling the standard operation and administration of zinc steel, which will not only regulate the industry but also protect consumers’ rights. As the first standard of its kind, it will help improve the products quality, protect the project construction safety, and consumers’ rights.


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