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15 July 2015

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Hunan's Mobile Internet Service Industry Income Grows by 60%

The Leading Group Meeting for Hunan's Mobile Internet Industry Development was held on August 18. From January to July, the income of Hunan's mobile internet service industry reportedly reached 6.4 billion yuan, approximately growing by 60%. Vice Governor of Hunan Province Huang Lanxiang attended the meeting.


E-commerce of China Mobile in Hunan achieved business transactions of 103.76 billion yuan in the first half year, increasing by 92% year on year. Happigo and Better Life Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. have become new growth poles in this industry. The Hunan Broadcasting System, via R&D on internet products like Mango Internet TV and Mango mobile-phone games, has gradually become a service supplier for the whole industry chain. The nation's first cloud media mobile-phone platform "Wireless Hunan" was officially put online. Changsha National Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone accelerated construction of the public platform of its mobile internet industry cluster district, with the clustering structure coming into being.


In order to promote the development of mobile internet industry, the province will formulate related plans for industrial development, set up investment fund for the mobile internet industry, and implement the system of dividing leaders for contact in key projects.


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