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15 July 2015

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Hunan Establishes Ferroalloy Industry Association


The Hunan Ferroalloy Industry Association’s first board member units being elected.

The Hunan Ferroalloy Industry Association, comprising of 32 ferroalloy enterprises across the province including Minmetals (Hunan) Ferroalloy Co., Ltd., Hunan Landa Manganese Industry Co., Ltd., and Huarui Technology, is established on August 29.


Drafts on the association’s statutes, five regulations and membership fee standards were passed at the association’s first general assembly through a vote on the same day.


Deputy Mayor of Xiangxiang Zhu Jiping vowed that the Municipal People’s Government of Xiangxiang will establish the ferroalloy industry as a pillar industry of the city and support the advancement of Minmetals (Hunan) Ferroalloy Co., Ltd. He urged Minmetals (Hunan) Ferroalloy Co., Ltd. to assume its role as a host enterprise and the association’s board director. He welcomed more ferroalloy enterprises across Hunan to invest in Xiangxiang to achieve mutual development.


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