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15 July 2015

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Registration System for Delivery and Receipt of Imp.& Exp. Cargoes

Approving Object: The enterprise shall apply for registration of delivery and receipt of Imp.& Exp. cargoes
Approving Authority: Enterprise Administration Section of Changsha Customs Investigation Division (Add.: 678 Dongerhuan Rd., Yuhua District, Changsha City, Tel: (86)731-4781354)

Procedures for Examination and Approval:

I. Submit the following information:
(I) Business license of the enterprise
(II) The Foreign Trade Operator Record Registration Form issued by the commerce administration authorities;
(III) Articles of Association of the enterprise
(IV) A duplicate of the Tax Registration Certificate (National Tax);
(V) A duplicate of the Account Opening Certificate issued by the bank;
(VI) A duplicate of the Organizational Code Certificate;
(VII) A Foreign Funded Enterprise Approval Certificate of P.R. China
(VIII) Other certification documents needed for registration.


II. The enterprise shall self-engrave a customs clearance, special-purpose stamp
Content and requirement of customs clearance special-purpose stamp: the stamp should be in the form of oval, with a length of 50MM, and a width of 36MM. The stamp shall be printed with the full name of the enterprise, on the up side, and the customs clearance, special-purpose stamp on the down side, from left to right.


III. Complete the following forms
1.The Registration Form of the Conditions about the Enterprise;
2.The Registration Form of the Conditions about the Enterprise Management Members
Time Limit for Examination and Approval: If customs considers the enterprise applying for registration has met the conditions, after all the above-mentioned procedures have been handled, and customs has made a preliminarily examination of the information, customs will finish the registration procedures within two (2) working days, and will issue a Certificate of Customs