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15 July 2015

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Hunan Facilitates Financing to Stabilize Foreign Trade and Investment

The Hunan Department of Commerce collaborated with the Export-Import Bank Hunan Branch, and the Industrial and Commercial Bank (ICBC) Hunan Branch to launch a financing promotion campaign on May 14. It aims to facilitate capital raising for enterprises, and stabilize foreign trade. The two banks will invest at least 100 billion yuan to support Hunan’s opening up and development. 

He Baoxiang, vice governor of Hunan, announced the launching of the campaign.

Hunan’s open economy has stood up to the shocks brought by the epidemic this year. This campaign is significant for Hunan to stabilize foreign trade and investment. The ICBC Hunan Branch and the Export-Import Bank Hunan Branch respectively rolled out 10 and 5 supporting measures, to provide a financing scale of at least 100 billion yuan to support Hunan’s open economic development, and give priority to the qualified foreign trade and foreign funded enterprises.

Vice Governor He hoped that financing institutions will take the lead in providing credit and loans for cooperation; enterprises strive to promote themselves; and, governments give guidance to the campaign, in a bid to foster new momentum of open economy and stabilize foreign trade and investment. All parties concerned should enhance mutual trust and collaboration to consolidate and expand cooperation among governments, banks, and enterprises. 

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