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15 July 2015

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CCTV News: Changsha Strives to Build a New Business Environment Highland

CCTV Primetime News broadcast a Changsha story titled “Changsha of Hunan Strives to Build a New Business Environment Highland” on May 27, one day after its report on Changsha’s experience in intelligent manufacturing development.
CCTV reported that Changsha, an inland city, provides customized services for industrial parks and enterprises, focuses on improving the business environment, and optimizes the industrial ecology, so as to strengthen the foundation for high-quality economic development.
The Changsha Economic and Technological Development Zone Financial Service Fair opens on the first Friday of every month. On that day, enterprises in the zone can make a financing request to the banks. Then, banks will provide customized financial products for the enterprises according to their scale and industrial characteristics. 
Creating a better business environment will help reduce the cost of doing business, and bring more industrial clusters and growth. In this May, Changsha’s Ningxiang City launched “internet + government services” smart city construction, allowing enterprises to handle procedures like approval and application online. 
In order to optimize the industrial ecology, over the past year and a half, Changsha issued such policies as “30 Measures for Industry”, “22 Measures for Talents”, and “12 Measures for Intellectual Property” to ensure the coordinated development of real economy, scientific and technological innovation, modern finance, and human resources.
In 2018, Changsha unleased more than 60 million CNY of electricity dividends to enterprises, exempted over 15.07 billion CNY of enterprise income taxes, and decreased social security fees by 878 million CNY. The government has given the greatest assistance to the enterprises and the results were the most rewarding in 2018.