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15 July 2015

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Wishal: Halloween Costume Ideas

Well Halloween is here and so are all the costume go easy on the pocket and assemble low budget, quick, easy and homemade costumes

Biker: Black leather, white tee, bandana, sunglasses

Where's Waldo: Red and white striped tee, beanie, eye glasses, jeans

Cotton Candy: White clothes, pink tulle, safety pins

Ghost: White sheet (plus cutouts for your eyes)

Dalmation: White clothes, black felt/fabric/paper, safety pins

Old Lady: Old fashioned dress, rolled-down knee-high nylons, large black frame purse

Nerd: Button down shirt, high waist pants, calculator, glasses, textbooks

Tourist: Bright clothing (a Hawaiian floral short is ideal), map, camera around neck

Skeleton: Black outfit, white gloves, bones cut out from white contact paper

Sherlock Holmes: Trench coat, fedora, magnifying glass

Surgeon: Scrubs, lab coat, shower caps (to wear over your shoes)

School girl: White button down, plaid skirt, knee socks, hair in pigtails, chewing gum

Popeye: Sailor cap, peacoat, marker (for drawing on an anchor tattoo on your
forearm), and can of spinach

Cowboy: Western shirt, jeans, cowboy hat, boots, rope (to make a lasso)

Pirate: Striped shirt, black fabric (to make an eye patch), bandana

Superhero: T-shirt, leggings, bloomers, add  initial, a logo, favorite animal or color.
Incorporate cool accessories ( a crazy belt)

Bee: A yellow t-shirt, black pants, black felt, fabric glue, black headband, Styrofoam balls to make the antenna

Viking: Long-sleeved white shirt, brown pants, brown fluffy toilet seat cover as neck scarf, brown and black leather string, brown leather belt, boots, plastic viking helmet.

Captain jack sparrow: Brown or black pants, a white long-sleeved shirt, a pirate's hat, brown and black yarn and a hot glue gun to make the dreadlocks

Well ..Basically ...Get Creative..and Go Crazy