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15 July 2015

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Wishal: National Day Holidays

Long one week holiday… no classes, no setting of alarms to wake up early..just days filled with my comfortable little bed, outings, walks and movies.

That was the plan…but then it hit me…That does sound a bit boring and monotonous. Why not go visit another city. So I message a Chinese friend working in a tour agency and start asking tour details. Famous spots: Zhangjiajie..been there, Fenghuang, Beijing, Shanghai, Hengshan, done done done….let’s see..why not Xian..One of the oldest cities in china, House of the famous Terracotta Warriors, Amazing historical heritage and cultural relics all over the city…now that’s the kind of city one should really see…soooo how much would that cost…BOOOM…MINI HEART ATTACK!!!!…Rmb 4000….ummmmmmmmmmmmm…Now how would a student who is saving money for Tibet spend that much on Xian..Well she can’t…so canceled…next plan...why not visit Tibet…well turns out there are certain issues there… something to do with not encouraging foreigners to go there according to the rumors..

Well..back to the original plan..stay in my room…Now that won’t work…so first eve of the holidays…that’s a Saturday…must see the famous Changsha fireworks…decided to go one hour early to get a nice little spot..Forgot to wear warm clothes (sudden weather change)…wait in cold and then boom boom.. THE FIREWORKS…totally worth the wait and the cold…colors filling the sky..crowd going oohhh and aaaahhh…Next..hungry!!!…well it’s the moon festival as have to try moon cakes…decided to go to Starbucks and try the delicious looking moon cakes with Starbucks logo on them…well we are late…They are out of stock..Just my luck…!!!

Next day decided to walk around Bu Xin Jie. ..Crowded crowded crowded…excited people, glad to have a few days off, shopping their hearts out (or actually shopping their “accounts" empty)..trying to avail the discounts….well..ok ok..i was one of them…also decided to try the colorful fruits coated with sugar syrup…ummmmm well..the candy got stuck in my that didn't turn out got to go back home..toooo tired to walk all the way back to a public bus..Instead start running after every cab..which just wouldn't stop…ultimately ..yes yes…u guessed it right..public bus it is…

Next day…try the Yuelu academy…well that was fun.. people sightseeing, some just relaxing, lying down, having picnics.

And the next few days.. back to the original plan of sleeping late, waking up late, watching movies…o and a bit of studying but only on the last day of holiday..actually just Sunday night !!!!