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15 July 2015

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David: Huangshan Mountain

So as I said I will continue telling you about the trip. From Beijing we flew to Hangzhou to spend the night and leave most of our luggage because we planned to set out for Huang Shan (Yellow Mountain) the next morning after which we would come back to Hangzhou to spend the weekend. As I said the following morning we set out to a city called Tangkou about 4 hours away from Hangzhou. When we arrived some friendly people took us into their restaurant and offered us some food and tea, our party only ate kosher food and therefore accepted only the tea. They friendly people arranged a taxi that would take us to the cable car station to go up the mountain and for a private van to take us back to Hangzhou the following day.

As we rode up the mountain on the cable car we began to realize what a heavenly place we had reached. At first our car was covered by a misty cloud which obstructed our view of the mountain range but as the view became clearer we were rewarded by the sight of the skyscraping peaks of the Yellow Mountain.

When we arrived we soon realized what a mistake we had made by bringing small suitcase trolleys with us for our night on the mountain. Although the travelling paths about the mountain are all paved, there are thousands of stairs making dragging a trolley on wheels virtually impossible. On the mountain peak we discovered that we could hire a porter for 140 RMB (70 for each suitcase) who would carry our suitcases from the cable car station to our hotel. Luckily I wasn't in charge for the budget on the trip because my father in law Natan quickly agreed to pay and made our journey to the hotel much nicer.

The trip to the hotel took us about an hour and a half and included stops at breathtaking views which the pictures explain for themselves. Shlomit had a bit of a hard time climbing and descending all of the stairs and spent a lot of time huffing and puffing her way along between her frequent bathroom breaks. None of us blamed her of course; after all she is carrying the future heir of my throne.

We spent the night at the Xihai hotel. I had planned for us to wake up early the next morning and watch the sunrise, a popular activity among the visitors of the mountain, but unfortunately the weather was bad and there was no visibility. We got up early and gave it a try since this would probably be our only try in the foreseeable future. Although we were not lucky enough to see the "yunhai" (sea of clouds) that we had set out for, we were rewarded with a traditional Chinese breakfast at the hotel on our return.

Later we headed back to the cable car station after which we left for Hangzhou.