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15 July 2015

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Places to Enjoy Canola Flowers

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With temperatures rising and spring in full swing, we've selected some places for canola flower sight-seeing in Hunan. Get ready to indulge in the golden fields!



(1)Hunan Agricultural University


When spring comes, gorgeous, vast fields of yellow canola flowers are blooming at Hunan Agricultural University, where visitors may also pick strawberries at greenhouses adjacent to the flower fields.


How to get there: take bus No. 110, 317, and 802 to Hunan Agricultural University directly

(2)Chating Town, Wangcheng


Nearly 8,000 mu (about 533 ha) of canola flowers are in full bloom, attracting many tourists.

Driving route: drive along Furong North Road to Chating Town


(3)Jiangbei Town


The hilly-land town with ample sunshine and rainfall is perfectly suited for growing canola. Its canola fields are mainly distributed along Jiangwu Road, Jiangshi Road, Baqing Road, and provincial highway S103 (Jiangbei Section) in Wuchuanhu, Yinshan, Nanmu, Wufu villages.


Driving route: drive along Changsha-Liuyang Expressway, and leave the expressway at Yong’an Toll Station, then drive 10km southward along provincial highway S103


(4)Kaihui Town


The golden and colorful canola flowers are in full bloom in the town. The best time for enjoying colorful canola flowers is April. Camping and cycling are also good choices here.

Driving route: leave the Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau Expressway at the toll station, and drive 500 meters to Kaihui Town


(5)Gaoping Town


Blooming canola flowers at Gaoping Town

Suggested activities: enjoying canola flowers at Gaoping Town, visiting Gufeng Cave

Driving route: Changsha City—Changsha-Liuyang Expressway—drive toward Gaoping Town when arriving in Liuyang City 


(6)Shatian Township


A vast of canola flower fields stretching dozens of kilometers in the town. The golden flowers bloom in March.

Suggested scenic spots: enjoying canola flowers at Shatian Township, Weishan Hot Spring Villa, and Miyin Temple on Weishan Mountain

Driving route: Changsha City—Changsha-Changde Expressway—leave the expressway at Ningxiang City—Jinzhou Avenue—Huangcai Town—Shatian Township


Chaling County, Zhuzhou 


Visitors may enjoy canola flowers and long-street banquet (hundreds of tables gathered in a long line). The 4th Changling Canola Flower Festival is being held in March, 2018.

Location: Zhitang Town, Chaling County, Zhuzhou 

Shiniuzhai Village, Yueyang


In March, golden canola flowers are blooming everywhere in Changshou (longevity) Ancient Town, known as the home town of generals. 

Suggested scenic spots: Changsha Ancient Town, Shiniuzhai Village, Du Fu Memorial Temple, and Pingjiang Uprising Memorial Hall


Driving route: Changsha City—Changsha-Liuyang Expressway—Dongyang Town—Pingjiang-Rucheng Expressway—An’ding Town—provincial highway S308—Shiniuzhai Scenic Area


Suining County, Shaoyang


Now more than 23,000 mu (about 1,533 ha) of canola flowers in Suining County are in full bloom.They are mainly distributed along the provincial highway S211 in Hongyan, Lixiqiao, Wuyang, Guanxia, Changpuzi, Zhaishi, and Le’anpu towns.


Lixian County, Changde 


Lixian County boasts the most beautiful canola flowers plantation base in Hunan. The flowers here are in full bloom in every April.

Area of canola flower filed: about 10,000 mu (about 666 ha)

Driving route: leave the Erenhot-Guangzhou Expressway, and drive along provincial highway 302 


Xuanzhou Ancient Town, Hengshan County


Ten thousand mu (about 666 ha) of canola flower fields along the river form a delightful contrast with ancient buildings. Visitors may visit ancient buildings of Ming and Qing dynasties on Xuanzhou Ancient Street.

Area of canola flower filed: about 15,000 mu (1000 ha)

Driving route: leave the Nanyue Expressway, and drive along township highway 035 


Shuangfeng County, Loudi 


There are four canola flower plantation bases, each with a cultivation area of 10,000 mu (about 666 ha) in Shexingshan Town, Huamen Town, Suoshi Town, and Shiniu Township respectively. Visitors may watch traditional farming tool performances, and buy special local products.

Area of canola flower filed: about 40,000 mu (about 2,666 ha)

Driving route: leave the Shanghai-Kunming Expressway, reach Shexingshan Town through provincial highway 210, then go to Shiniu Township, Suoshi Town, and Huamen Town 


(1)Anren Paddy Park 


The paddy park, together with Yongle River, Shennong Scenic Area, and Xiongfeng Mountain National Forest Park, brings a wonderland to visitors.

Area of canola flower filed: about 14,000 mu (about 933 ha)

Driving route: leave the Hengyang-Yanling Expressway, and drive along provincial highway 212


(2)Liaojiang Town, Zixing City


The blooming golden canola flowers and fluttering butterflies and bees form a unique eco-agricultural landscape.

Area of canola flower filed: about 18,000 mu (1,200 ha)

Driving route: leave the Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau Expressway, drive straight and turn right to Gongye (Industrial) Avenue, then drive along Zijiang Highway, pass through Zixing City, turn left and drive along provincial highway 213 to Liaojiang Town


Chinese source: hunan government wetchat