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15 July 2015

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Welcome to Hunan

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Lying along the middle reaches of the Yangtze River, Hunan received its name because most of its territory is on the south (nan) of Dongting Lake (hu). It is hailed as "a land of fish and rice".


The historic site of Chengtoushan, Squarish Four-ram Zun, bamboo slips unearthed from Liye which date back to the Qin Dynasty, the Mawangdui Han Dynasty Tombs and the southern Great Wall all bear witness to the length of Hunan’s history. 


Hunan has enjoyed the fame of being "a cradle for revolution", with outstanding people such as Wei Yuan, Zeng Guofan, Huang Xing, and Mao Zedong coming in succession in Chinese history whose formal residences and working sites have become the holy place for people to worship and admire today.


Praising Hunan as "the next hot tourist destination", Lonely Planet considers "Hunan, integrating tradition with modern elements, may not match with tourists' expectation of China, but it may also be the reason for a travel." An astonishing landscape of massive isolated mountain ranges and jagged, karst peaks covers more than 80% of the province. People have long made a home amid these natural wonders, taming the rocky slopes into terraces of lush fields. Their distinctive cultures live on in charming hillside villages and lively riverside towns.