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15 July 2015

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In the northwestern part of Hunan Province, Xiangxi Tujia&Miao Autonomous Prefecture inhabit the ethnic groups of Tujia, Miao, Hui, Yao, Dong and Bai. Within its boundary are high mountains and many rivers. The miraculous natural scenery and colorful ethnic customs present the charm of mysterious Xiangxi.


The Mengdong River Scenic Area in the northeastern part of Xiangxi boasts the 1000-year-old town of Laosicheng and ancient town of Wangcun. Visitors can raft on the Mengdong River. Jishou Dehang in the central south is inhabited by a community of the Miao ethnic group. Visitors can join the local inhabitants at their bonfire gatherings. The Fenghuang(Phoenix) Ancient City is known as the "most beautiful small city in China", where visitors can appreciate bamboo houses propped up by wooden supports along the Tuojiang River. The tranquil surroundings in Mount Nanhua present a beautiful and unearthly saint. There are also other tourist attractions such as Qiliang Cave in Fenghuang(Phoenix) Ancient City, Baxian Lake in Jishou, the Grand Canyon in Mount Wulong  and the Gumiao River in HuaYuan County.