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15 July 2015

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Special Local Products-Yueyang

Whitebaits from Dongting Lake

In the round-strip shape, whitebaits from Dongting Lake are silvery in color and transparent, without scales and fish bones, and with delicate and tender meat. Such whitebaits can help improve the stomach, nourish yin and invigorate the kidney. In 1918, the whitebait from Dongting Lake was named one of the world-famous products at the Panama International Fair.


Junshan Silver Needle Tea

Junshan silver needle tea produced in Junshan is one of the 10 famous types of tea in China. A cup of Junshan silver needle tea features standing tea leaves, apricot yellow color and a strong aroma.


Yuezhou Fan

The several hundred years old Yuezhou fan enjoy the same reputation as Suzhou fan and Hangzhou fan. Of rich variety, the Yuezhou fan features exquisite workmanship. They are artistically made and durable. The 10 leading categories include paper fan, feature fan, bone fan, cap fan, portable fan and fragrant wood fan.