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15 July 2015

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Linking Hunan Province with coastal cities in South China, Yongzhou is famous for many sites of historic and cultural interest. These include Mount Jiuyi where Emperor Shun died during his southern trip;Liuzhi Temple built in memory of the distinguished writer Liu Zhongyuan (773 AD-819AD) of the Tang Dynasty, and the Wuxi Park where hundreds of stone carvings have been left by many celebrities from history.


Moreover, the unique landscape and fantastic culture make Yongzhou a wonderful place to visit in Hunan Province. Mount Jiuyi, Mount Emperor Shun and Mount Yangming have amazing scenery. The King Pan Hall is a holy place for the Yao people to make sacrifices to their ancestors. The ancient battlefield in Qianjia Cave exhibits the Yao people's unconquerable spirit. Female scripts in Jiangyong County, a unique writing system only learned and used by local women, show the diversity of human culture. All of these splendid scenes and rich cultures attract tourists from home and abroad to enjoy an unforgettable experience here.