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15 July 2015

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Special Local Products-Shaoyang

Shaodong Day Lily
The shaodong Day Lily is one of the eight famous vegetables in China and it is recorded as one of four-treasure in mountains. Day lily is also called Lily Flower or Worry-Forget plant. Its color is golden, aroma strong, and its taste fresh, tender, and smooth. Containing lots of nutrition such as protein, amino acid, mine, etc, it functions as staunching, pain-depressing, milk-promoting, and it can decrease cholesterol in blood serum, protect stomach. What's more, it is shown by modern Chinese medical science that Day Lily can cure verve debility, HTP high blood pressure, AS arteriosclerosis, glomerulonephritis as well as blistering.


Xuefeng Tangerine Orange
Shaoyang is the homeland of Tangerines. And the Tangerine produced at the foot of Xuefeng mountain in Dongkou County is the most famous. Xuefeng tangerine orange, which is also called nonnuclear tangerine orange, has brilliant orange yellow, rich juice, and thin skin. And it is famous for its delicious and sweet tastes. After examined and approved by Premier Zhou Enlai at the beginning of 1970s, it has been exported with the brand of Xuefeng Tangerine Orange.


Longhui Honeysuckle
Longhui is known as the hometown of honeysuckle in China. The honeysuckle is sold to major cities as pharmaceutical plants to be used as a rare ingredient of Chinese traditional medicine for clearing away heat and toxic materials and stopping dysentery.