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15 July 2015

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Chuanyan Mountain Forest Park

Chuanyan Mountain Forest Park is a summer resort integrating rural sightseeing, folk custom experiences and forest recreation.


Chuanyan Mountain Forest Park in Huaihua consists of four scenic spots including Chuanyan Peak, Yuanbao Terraced Field, Erdu River and Jiulong Pool. It is endowed with long ravine, deep valley, towering mountains and unique landform. There are two long rivers and 13 brooks flowing past. Three large peaks stand in the park, with the highest peak at 1,078 meters above sea level. More than 20 cliffs and deep and secluded valleys are scattered in the park. The deepest valley stands at over 1,000 meters. The average temperature here in summer is less than 24℃.


The park boasts convenient transportation of only about 3 hours drive from Changsha or about 70 minutes by high-speed railway.


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