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15 July 2015

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Liuyang Fireworks Museum

Fireworks Museum in Memory of Li Tian


In 2001, a Tang-style fireworks museum was built at the site of Li Tian Pavilion, Ludong Village, Dayao Town, Liuyang, to commemorate Li Tian, the inventor of fireworks. The museum displays more than 210 pictures and 180 objects in four exhibition halls: millennium history, traditional handicrafts, modern technology, and achievements.





Dayao Fireworks Museum is the first village-run museum in China.


More about the Museum


There are thousands of pictures and objects presenting fireworks manufacturing, transport, trading, products, awards, and production process models.


The museum is widely favored by international and domestic tourists for its fireworks science and technology introduction, fireworks trade and cultural tourism, entertainment, and publicity.


It is a showcase of the production process and development of fireworks.


The museum highly emphasizes sci-tech innovation and fireworks heritage, and organizes updated exhibits. It regularly organizes Li Tian Culture and Trade Festival, and fireworks culture lectures, to promote fireworks culture, and exchanges of production technologies.


The museum provides an important platform to protect fireworks, national intangible culture heritage, and promote integrated development between fireworks culture and tourism.


Driving route: Changsha—Changliu Expressway—Dayao Interchange—turn left at the junction of Yingbin Avenue and Huabao Avenue—Li Tian Square
Tel: 86 (731) 83808698
Address: Dayao Town, Liuyang City


Chinese source: changshalvyou