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15 July 2015

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Baisha Ancient Well

Water from Baisha Ancient Well is pure and limpid, which makes tea extremely attractive and tasty, wine sweet and fragrant. It is also terribly good to boil herbal medicine and cook soup.


Furthermore, it will never overflow anytime and often remains the same water. No matter how you use your ladle, it will never be dried up. As a result, many residents have hither to persist in sparing no pains to come and take the drinking water.


Since China's liberation of 1949, Baisha Well has been rebuilt for several times. Besides being paved with a granite pedestal, it is enclosed by a stone fence and many trees. The local government also set up a stone tablet, on which is engraved "Ancient Baisha Well", and accordingly it becomes one of the Changsha famous scenic spots.


Baisha Well had only one spring at the very beginning. It was divided into two wells at the end of Ming Dynasty and afterwards two more were added, which becomes four wells as what there are now.


The recorded history book "Records of Changsha Prefecture" written in 1639( i.e. in the twelfth year of Emperor Chongzheng ) has such words as follows, Baisha Well, two li in the southeast of the county, is no more than one foot deep, but pure and tasty. It is never dried up though people of the whole city carry water from it. It is the first spring in Changsha.


The Well is located in the Baisha Street, Changsha, which is about one kilometer away from Tianxin Pavilion (Tianxinge) in the south. It has been one of the famous springs in the south of Yangtze River since time immemorial.


Admission: free      Opening hours: 24 hours


Add: Baisha Road, Tianxin district, Changsha


Transport: take No.139 bus at Changsha Railway Station and set off at Baishajin stop


Tel: 88905011