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15 July 2015

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Hunan Forest Botanical Garden

Hunan Forest Botanical Garden is located in Changsha (the capital city of Hunan Province), which was built in 1985. The Garden is a public scientific research unit belonging to the Forestry Department of Hunan Province. The Garden covers the area of 120 hectares, with the forest coverage of 90%. There are more than 4,000 varieties of plants in 2,328 species, 900 genera of 208 families introduced, domesticated and conserved, and 112 kinds of wildlife adopted, rescued and domesticated, including the national first-class protective plants and animals, such as silver fir, Chinese dove tree, Tragopan caboti, and so on.


The current Garden has 9 botanical gardens, including Prunus Serrulata Garden, Magnolia Garden, Shady Plant Garden, Rare Plant Garden, State Azalea Garden, Bamboo Garden, Camellia Garden, Sweet Olive Garden, and Color Leaf Tree Garden; meanwhile, the Garden is planning to build other botanical gardens, such as offcinal garden, liane garden, and world-famous flower garden.


Currently, under the guidance of superior leaders and with the powerful support of related departments, with the struggle of garden staff and the advancement with the times, the Garden is developing into an integrative botanical garden integrating animals and plants, and engaging into scientific research & manufacture, science popularization, ecological tourism, and sports leisure.


Admission fee: 20 yuan/adult (60 yuan/adult for peak season for flowers)