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15 July 2015

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Ningxiang Dolton (Tongcheng) Spa

Ningxiang Tongcheng Spa is an urban spa hotel specializing in hot spring spa and entertainment. It has 15,000 square meters of garden style outdoor hot springs and a 6,000 square meter indoor spa care club, which includes 7 hot spring pools in the water treatment area and 16 in the health care area. The outdoor spa is made up of 31 hot spring pools divided into special areas: Garden Swimming Pool, Blessing Prayer, Flower Spring Bath, Cavern, Four Celebrities, Bamboo Grove, and Cloud Top VIP area. In the Run Mountain and Run Canal district, the bubbling pools are nestled in beautiful caves and on fantastic landscapes. The springs here are of the pure metasilicate type, commonly known as silicate springs. Daily water output reaches 800 cubic meters, at a constant temperature of 57 degrees with a PH value of 7.30. The spring water is neutral with no color or taste, which makes it suitable for both bathing and drinking.