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15 July 2015

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Bars in Changsha

Changsha has diversified performing arts and entertainment industry for all tastes. Nowadays, there are totally over 300 bars on large or small scales.

1. Bar Street of Jiefang West Road
Jiefang West Road is the birthplace of the first bar in Changsha. The fast catching up Golden Times Bar is an upsurge, which pushed Changsha's bar culture to another high.

Recommended Bars: Glamour Bar, Soho Bar, Shangri-La Bar, Shuimu Times Bar, Shangshang Bar, Jiuku Bar, Coco Bar, Patti Bar, Margaret Bar, Golden Times Dream Bar, Lechao Bar, Rewuxijie Bar, Back Street Bar, Lanmei Bar, Norwegian Wood Bar,Parana Bar.

2. Business hub of New Century Sports and Culture

Following the pub culture street of Jiefang West Road, New Century Sports and Cultural Center becomes another place to make a fortune, due to such advantages as the convenient transportation network extending in all directions, Ferris Wheel--- a landmark of this city, and completed supporting services and facilities about living, shopping, recreation and catering.

Recommended Bars: Hale Bar, Weiyangdian of Glamour Bar, Infinity Pub

3. Distinctive Bars

Recommended Bars: distinctive bar street on Taiping Street, bar street of Hualongchi, X5 Bar, F1 True Qualities Bar, etc.

4. Other Recommended Bars:

1)D&D BOX Bar
Add: No.48, South Baisha Rd.
Tel: 0731-85815170

2)New 21st Century Bar
Add: No.571, Shaoshan Road, beside Qinyuan Grant Hotel.
Tel: 0731-85480899

3)Ours Bar
Add: No.9, South Baisha Rd.
Tel: 0731-85143585

4)Chicago Bar
Add: 1st floor of Mansion Shijixingcheng, Caie Road.

5)Golden Sea Bar
Add: No.711,Furong Road,Yuhua District.
Tel: 0731-85506455

6)Night Bar

7)Mingyuan Piano Bar
Add: No.489,Furong Road, Yuhua District.
Tel: 0731-85503256

8)Tiemuer Knight Bar
Add: No.148,Shaoshan M.Road, Yuhua District.
Tel: 0731-85526155

9)Chinese Name:Keke Bar
Address:Rm708, Jingcheng Building, 209 Jiefang Xilu, Changsha
Contact:0731 256 2771

Hours: 17:30 - 00:30
Price: RMB 100-200

Getting there: Take bus No.368 to Jiayi Guju stop Description: Beers run around RMB20-30 at laid-back Coco, which is usually bustling with locals and a few expatriates.

10)Fuyou Club
Address:No. 396 Jiefang Rd, City Classic Building Floor B1, Tianxin district, Changsha
Contact:0731 8229 1097

11)Glamor Bar
Address:268 Jiefang Xilu, Changsha.
Contact:0731 225 2186

Hours: 19:00 - 06:00
Price: RMB 40-60
Getting there: Take bus No.368 to Simenkou stop Description:Lively, over the top Glamor bar hosts live shows, pop festivals, and other activities all night long. Drink, dance and be absolutely flabbergasted.

12)Jin Bi Hui Huang
Address:190 Laodong Xilu, Changsha
Contact:0731 5140888 (Tel)
Hours: 17:30 - 00:30
Price: RMB 40-60
Getting there: Take bus No.139 to Yanziling stop
Description:This bar is the trotting spot for many of the government official. The bar is known for its shows, and unique decoration.

Address:336 Jiefang Xilu, Changsha
Contact:0731 8227 2020

Hours: 18:00 - 02:00
Price: RMB 50-100
Getting there: Take bus No.401 to Wuyi square stop Description:Blues, soft rock and light R&B makes this one of Changsha's favored hangouts for local ladies.