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15 July 2015

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KTVs in Changsha

1) Wensha KTV
Wensha KTV is the first to change all the songs into ones granted permission and authority and the songbook is continuously updated every day. So far, the total number of songs has reached over 90,000.

2) Golden Times KTV
Hours: 11:30 - 6:00
Price: RMB 30-50
Getting there: Take bus No.3 to Dingwangtai stop

3) Honggehui PARTY-KTV
Honggehui PARTY-KTV has 73 luxurious KTV boxes, first-class sound effects and distinctive broad space, in which you can enjoy your time to the full.

4) Huanchangdi KTV
The interior decoration of Huanchangdi KTV is full of the flavor of modernity, and its VOD network system for songs ordering instantly stores tens of thousands of songs with high qualities and several classic movies. There are 42-inch Plasma Televisions and imported professional BMB sound effects in KTV boxes, where the entertainers can enjoy singing and movies with high-quality audio-visual experience.

5) Cashbox KTV
Since Cashbox KTV has opened the branch in Changsha in 2006, it takes the advantages as leading one in KTV realm

6) Yinhuang KTV
Yinhuang KTV, located at the Section 2 of Furong M. Road of Changsha, is at the core of the business area. It enjoys convenient transportation, closely near the expressways and bustling commercial area.

7) New Maike KTV
This KTV stands at the thriving business area of Dongtang.

8) Agogo KTV
Agogo KTV owns 70 KTV boxes with lively styles.

9) Friday KTV
Friday KTV has 80 KTV boxes with costal-style design, and the decoration is luxurious.

10) New Lianggefang KTV
This KTV has over 70 KTV boxes in total with more than ten kinds of decorative styles, such as boxes especially for ladies, boxes with touring characteristics. These distinctive designs can satisfy the needs for your own style.

11) Xinyiyuan KTV
Xinyiyuan KTV owns 55 KTV boxes with distinguishing styles, located at No.88, Cai E M. Road of Furong District

12)Holiday Inn Entertainment Club
Contact:0731 8472 1998-3298 Getting there: Take bus No.110 to Huoxingzhen stop

13)Xing Guang Can Lan KTV
Address:Huangxing Square, Commercial Walking Street, Huangxing Nanlu, Changsha
Contact:0731 511 2222 Hours: 0:00 - 24:00
Price: RMB 30-50
Getting there: Take bus No.139 to Laodong Square stop


Address:140 Yuanda Yilu, Changsha
Address:Chengshi Jingdian Building, 18 Jiefang Xilu, Tianxin District, Changsha
Contact:0731 227 3888