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15 July 2015

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Pozi Street


Pozi Street is renowned as the most traditional food street in Changsha. In the center of Pozi Jie, there is an eye-catching palace building, which was originally a temple where people offered oblation for a fire deity. Later, it became a gathering place for people and each year on the Fire Deity Day, they hold sacrifice ceremony, temple fairs and other activities. Merchant traders, food stalls and shops which provide visitors with a variety of food line up for the event. Today, the building has been decorated in a simple and antique style, in which several snack shops and restaurants are nicely placed. It is the best place to sample the local snacks. Their most famous snacks include Stinky Tofu, Sisters' Rice Balls, thin and swallow tail-shaped wonton (dumpling soup), refreshing red plum drink, crispy potstickers and sauced beef, which vividly reflect Changsha's catering in the 1920s.