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15 July 2015

Ecological Landscape

Beautiful Dongjiang in Chenzhou





Located in the upper reaches of the Dongjiang River, Dongjiang Lake is close to the Beijing-Guangzhou Railway and National Highway 107. It is 38 kilometers from downtown Zixing City. It is a man-made lake covering 160 square kilometers and is called the "Dongting Lake of south Hunan". It has scenic spots such Dongjiang Lake, Doushuai Spirit Caves, Dragon Scenery Park, Hougushan Waterfall, Dongjiang Dam, and more.It also has China's first Eco-tourism Drift, parachuting, seaplane, aquatic slides, hot spring bathing and much more. Full participation sightseeing, can be found and experienced here. The Dongjiang Lake Scenic Area is also the natural oxygen bar with fresh air all year round. And it is surrounded by islands of sizes and luxuriant primeval forests with precious birds and animals living among. Dongjiang Lake, for its picturesque scenes and an expanse of water, is also well known as the "Eastern Swiss" Lake.



Highlights: Dongjiang Whitewater Rafting

Dongjiang rafting is located in Huangcao Town, at the south end of the Dongjiang Lake. Dongjiang lake is 28 km long, has a 75 meter waterfall of fall and 108 exciting shoals along the way. The longest is over 100 meters long. It has the only man-made whitewater rafting slide in the world. Boating downstream, you can appreciate the lush virgin forests, oddly shaped stones, clear and clean water, and colorful fish. Forget the outside world for a while. Enjoy the water parajump, water motorsports, water slides, bank fishing, hot spring soaks and other water sports.


Specialty: Dongjiang fish



Dongjiang fish abundant in the clean water of mountain surrounded Dongjiang Lake.

Once caught the fish are processed using advanced non-smoke technology. It does not contain any food pigment or chemicals. The fish is delicate, sweet and tasty.

National Rating: AAAA


Hours: 06:00-17:30
Tel: (86)735-3357809


Location: Dongjiang Lake scenic area of Zixing County of Chenzhou City, Hunan.


How to get there:

1. Take a bus from Chenzhou Bus Station to Dongjiang Lake scenic area, then take a speed boat at Dongjiang Dam to Huangcao Town. It is advisable to get there before 8:00 a.m. Then take the special vehicle in the scenic area to the starting point of Dongjiang rafting located at the Dragon King Temple, and begin with your journey.
2. Take the coach from Chenzhou Bus Station to Zixing (Liyu River, New Zone) and get to the Liyu River Coach Station, change to Bus 3.
3. Hire a taxi in Chenzhou It should cost about 100 yuan.


Huangcao Town has many hotels and inns in accommodating hundreds of guests. Jinnuiwan Holiday Village does also. It lies on the shore of Dongjiang River tributary.



1. Dongjiang Lake has a very special plan for all the guests. You can be a guest in a local farmers’ house. Together with the local people, you can pick Dongjiang Tea, fish, gather in fruit in the orchards, and dine with them and one taste the local wine and dishes. The price is 60 yuan/person, including three meals and lodging. It is not far from Huangzao Town, and it only takes 20 minutes on foot. You will be guided by local people.

2. Touring time recommended: 2 days


The Dongjiang Lake Tourist Area in Zixing City was awarded the national 5A tourist attraction on July 20, boasting the first tourist area in Hunan Province that enjoys both the National 5A Tourist Attraction and the National Ecological Tourism Demonstration Zone titles. It received nearly 20 thousand tourists from July 25 to 26, the first weekend after elevated into the National 5A Tourist Attraction.(Updated on July 29, 2015)