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15 July 2015

Ecological Landscape

Mount Suxian Scenic Area & Tiantang Hot Spring Holiday Village

Mount Suxian Scenic Area
Located at the northeast corner of Chenzhou, Mount Suxian is 1.5 kilometers away from the downtown area and is famous as the 18th blessing land in the world. The main scenic spots in this scenic area include Suxian Temple, Peach Blossom Chamber, White Deer Cave, Three Forever Stele, Immortal Stone, etc. They are all valuable attractions and destinations. The famous patriotic general Zhang Xueliang (1901-2001) was once confined here and his picture and inscriptions are still on display in one of the wing-rooms today. Because of Mount Suxian's relations with immortal affairs, every year many tourists pay a visit here to experience the ancient culture and the gorgeous natural sceneries.
Admission: (for reference): RMB 40 yuan/adult
Address: Northeast corner of Chenzhou City
Traffic Route:
1. Take Bus 20 from Chenzhou Railway Station and it will take about five or six minutes to Mount Suxian .
2. Take public bus No. 15, 29 or 28 in Chenzhou
Tel: (86)735-2885797
Opening hours: 8:00-17:00
1. Chenzhou local specialty shop, the unique shop in Chenzhou, sells good specialties from different counties of Chenzhou. It has branches in both People West Road and Feihong Road.The famous Chenzhou local specialties include dried Guidong huangjun, bean, Linwu duck, Shennong chunjue power, ghee tea, Jiahe wine, bamboo flavor wine, tea leaf and so on.
2. Touring time recommended: A whole day
It is said that during the Western Han Dynasty, there was a beautiful and knowledgeable girl surnamed Pan. One day she was washing clothes on the bank of Chenjiang River. Her wooden club was caught by a red ribbon flowing in the river. It could not be pulled away by hand, so she used the teeth to nip. However, the red ribbon fell into her stomach, and she became pregnant. To avoid the tease from villagers, she hid herself in a cave in Mount Suxian , and gave birth to a boy, Suxian. After Su Xian's birth, white cranes warmed his body with feathers; white deer milked him. Su Xian was later named Sundan by his mother for sceneries around. From small he cultivated himself, and finally ascended to heaven by a white crane. Before he flied upwards he got to know that in next year Chenzhou would suffer a plague. He told his mother to boil water from wells with oranges to cure plagues. His mother followed his instructions and saved a lot of people. These people, in order to thank him, built a Suxian Palace in Mount Suxian. For this reason, Mount Suxian became famous.
Tiantang Hot Spring Holiday Village
Tiantang Hot Spring Holiday Village is located in Xujiadong, northern suburbs of Chenzhou City. It covers an area of over 80 mu (5.33 ha), boasting well-preserved virgin forests, clean air and beautiful scenery. It is of convenient transportation and is a place of interest combining the hot spring touring, dining, leisure and health care together.
There are lots of villas in the village with flourishing grass and forest. The village attracts people pursuing health and beauty, with its profound culture of hot spring bath and unique charm of hot spring. The spring of Tiantang Hot Spring is rich in minerals such as lithium, zinc, strontium and metasilicic acid etc, which are beneficial for the human health. And there are Chinese traditional medicine baths such as angelica, ginseng and artemisia leaf which are prepared and guided by famous experts on Chinese traditional medicine. It also has over 20 unique ways of hot spring bathing like aloe bathing, flower bathing, lemon bathing, coffee bathing, light wave bathing and rock cavity bathing. Taking “health” as the concept of management culture, the village offers the family-styled and warmhearted services to our guests.
The virgin forest in Tiantang Hot Spring Holiday Village is well preserved, with clean air and beautiful scenery. There is bath of Chinese traditional medicine which is made by experts, besides which there are also over twenty characteristic bathing ways as flower, coffee, light wave and rock cavity etc.
Address: Xujiadong, Northern suburbs of Chenzhou City, Hunan Province.
Traffic Route:
The transportation from Chenzhou City to the Tiantang Hot Spring is very convenient. You can take Bus 4 to Tiantang Hot Spring with a fare of 2.5 yuan.
Tel: (86)735-2593118
Opening hours: 09:00-24:00


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