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15 July 2015

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Miao ‘Girls’ Day’ Celebrations in Suining




Activities celebrating the Miao people's traditional 'Girls' Day' will be held in Hunan's Suining County on May 25- 26, 2015.

The festival commemorates, Yang Li'niang, an ancient Miao heroine of the Song Dynasty (960-1279).

This festival, which is specific to Miao women only, is celebrated in the Hmong regions of Hunan Province, Guangxi ZhuangAutonomous Region, and Guizhou Province that are near to Suining County.

The annual festival falls on April 8 of the Chinese lunar calendar. Married Miao women are invited to visit their parents' home. Their parents and brothers give gifts to them, sing folk songs and perform traditional dances with them to celebrate the festival.

LuoYumei, county mayor of Suining County, noted that festival is now a listed national intangible cultural heritage festival.

This year's festival themed, "Beautiful Girls in a Miraculous Oasis", has added many highlights.

Warm-up events include a festival song promotion, an online election of the 2015-2016 "Most Beautiful Miao Girl" and an online solicitation for both a slogan and a song for this festival.

The main events will be the opening ceremony featuring art performances, a forum on Chinese culture in Suining and a campfire party.

Activities will include nightly folk song performances, sharing in folk customs in Dayuan, a traditional Miao village, participation in traditional handicrafts in Zhaishi town and observing wedding customs in Shangbao ancient village.

Visitors may also join in the Miao people's "Maypole" dance celebrating whatever it celebrates; making black rice and glutinous rice cakes.


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