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15 July 2015

Charming Hunan expects you to explore more

Integrating serious attitude, glorious visions, up-to-date perspectives and strong passion towards the exquisite land of Hunan, the column-- Hunan Geography aims to introduce and present the beauty, charm and historical transformation of Hunan's mysterious geology and civilization to its readers. It also directs the reader’s attention towards the ecological background of the land by delivering advanced environmental concepts concerning nature.

Hunan Geography intends to equip people with deeper understanding about this land, in an attempt to instill in the visitors more enthusiasm and love for the territory.

Hunan Geography, in its pure sense, is more than a research on topography. With geography as its theme, it conveys not only individual experiences and known facts, but also personal theories, ideas and thoughts. In other words, this forum absorbs series of cultural presentations, historical reflections and profound concerns towards Hunan’s ecology and its civilization.

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非物质文化遗产_副本.jpg Hunan's Intangible Cultural Heritage

Hunan is considered to be a key focal point for Chinese southwest minority culture. It is a multi-ethnic province with time-honored history, diverse culture and unique natural resources which has endowed the Hunan people with extremely rich intangible cultural heritage.

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老司城_副本.jpg Western Hunan's Laosicheng Site

Located on the banks of Lingxi River in the east of Yongshun County, Laosicheng was the Tusi Peng’s administration area of Ancient Xizhou, and the political, economic, cultural and military center for southwestern ethnic minorities during the Tusi Period from the 13th to the early 20th century.

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四八姑娘节_副本.jpg Miao ‘Girls’ Day’ Celebrations in Suining

This year's festival themed, "Beautiful Girls in a Miraculous Oasis", has added many highlights, including an online election of the 2015-2016 "Most Beautiful Miao Girl".

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毛瓷收藏_副本.jpg Luo Yuqi and "Porcelain of Chairman Mao"

Mao porcelain has been treasured for over three decades by Luo Yuqi. The porcelain with patterns of plum blossoms, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum is the life ceramics specially designed and produced for Chairman Mao in Liling.

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