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15 July 2015

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Suggested Driving Tours in Hunan

Going on road trips may be a wise choice during Spring Festival travel rush. The following suggested self-drive itineraries will help you discover a colorful Hunan.


Driving Tour No. 1: Huaihua
Itinerary: 3 days and 2 nights

(sight file photo of Chuanyanshan National Forest Park)

Located in southwest of Xupu County, Huaihua City, it is 20km away from Xupu County, and 104km away from Huaihua City.


(sight file photo of Fengxiang Yao Village)

Fengxiang Yao Village inside the park


(sight file photo of Xupu Tea-Horse Ancient Road)

Xupu Tea-Horse Ancient Road inside the park


Driving route:
Changsha—Changsha-Shaoshan-Loudi Expressway (provincial highway S50)—Erenhot-Guangzhou Expressway (national highway G55)—Loudi-Huaihua Expressway (provincial highway S70) via Lianyuan Hub—leave the expressway at Xupu Toll Station—provincial highway S224—Tongxihe Town—Chuanyanshan National Forest Park


When in Huaihua, you may enjoy the following events:
Lantern Show;
2018 Hongjiang Spring Festival Cultural and Tourism Celebrations (Feb. 16-Mar. 2);
Xinghuang dragon dance and Teng Gong contest (Mar. 1 -2);
China (Hongjiang) Xuefeng Mountain Ice and Snow Festival;
Qianyang Spring Festival Folk Culture Festival;
2018 Dong ethnic group (Feb.16-19);
2018 Huaihua Mountain Climbing and Blessing Gathering;
Spring Festival Folk Activities in Gaoyi Ancient Village (Feb. 10-Mar. 5); and,
Tongdao’s New Year Celebrations.


Driving Tour No. 2: Xiangxi
Itinerary: 3 days and 2 nights

(sight file photo: Laosicheng Site)

Located in Yongshun County, it is designated by the UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.


(sight file photo: Furong Town)

It is located in Yongshun County, Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture. It enjoys a history of more than 2,000 years.


(sight file photo: Dehang Miao Village)
The word Dehang in the Miao language, means "a beautiful canyon."


(sight file photo: Qianzhou Ancient Town)

Located in the south of the urban area of Jishou City, the town boasts a history of over 4,200 years.


Driving route:
Changsha—Zhangjiajie-Changsha Expressway (national highway G5513)—Zhangjiajie-Huayuan Expressway (provincial highway S10)—leave the expressway at east Furong Town—Laosicheng Site—join the expressway at Yongshun—township road 030—provincial highway 230—Longshan-Jishou Expressway (provincial highway S99)—leave the expressway at Furong Town—Furong Town


When in Xiangxi, you may enjoy the following events:
Dehang Miao’s New Year Celebrations in Jishou
Yongshun Tujia’s New Year
Huayuan Shibadong Spring Festival Shopping Festival
2018 New Year Celebrations in Jishou
Qianzhou Lantern Festival in Jishou
Qianzhou Spring Festival Shopping Festival
Huayuan Miao’s New Year


Driving Tour No. 3: Yueyang
Itinerary: 3 days and 2 nights

(sight file photo: Yueyang Tower)

Located at western Yueyang City, it stands on a platform (covering a total area of 820 sqm) on the ancient city gate tower.


(sight file photo: Tongting Lake)

Dongting Lake, China's second-largest freshwater lake, is located in northeastern Hunan Province.


(sight file photo: Junshan Island)

Surrounded by water, the picturesque Junshan Island is covered by green bamboos and trees.


(sight file photo: empresses memorial hall)

Located in east Junshan Island, the hall is one of the oldest memorial buildings in Hunan.


Driving route:
Changsha—Changsha-Liuyang Expressway (provincial highway S20)—Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau Expressway (national highway G4)—leave the expressway at Rongjiawan Town—provincial highway 201—national highway 107—provincial highway 306—Yueyang Tower—relief road of provincial highway 306—Dongting Avenue—Junshan Island


When in Yueyang, you may enjoy the following events:
Lantern show at Yueyang Tower Scenic Spot
Flower fair at Nanhu Longshan Botanical Garden (Feb. 15-Mar.2)
First Yueyang Dongting Custom Lion and Dragon Dance Competition
7th Hunan (Yueyang) Bianhe Street Spring Festival Temple Fair
Hunan "Taigushi" (carry stories) Performances (Changle Town)
Note: "Taigushi" listed as a national intangible cultural heritage in 2011, is a folk performance during which children dressed up as heroes and heroines in traditional Chinese fairy tales and local operas, perform on planks carried by adults.
Junshan Spring Festival Traditions (Junshan District)
Zhang Guying Village Folk Activities (Yueyang County)
Yangsha Lake Lantern Show (Feb. 9 – Mar. 2, Xiangyin County)
Lantern Festival Celebrations (Huarong County)


Driving Tour No. 4: Changde
Itinerary: 3 days and 2 nights

(sight file photo: Liuye Lake)

Liuye Lake is named after its shape that resembles a willow leaf.


(sight file photo: Taohuayuan Ancient Town)

The town is a cultural park integrating food, accommodation, sightseeing, shopping, and entertainment.


Driving route:
Changsha—Changsha-Zhangjiajie Expressway (national highway G5513)—Erenhot-Guangzhou Expressway (national highway G55)—leave the expressway at Changde Toll Station—Dongting Avenue—Changde Avenue—Changde Liuye Lake Tourist Resort—Dongting Avenue—join the expressway at Changde Toll Station—Erenhot-Guangzhou Expressway (national highway G55)—Changsha-Zhangjiajie Expressway (national highway G5513)—leave the expressway at Taoyuan Toll Station—national highway 319—Taohuayuan Scenic Spot


When in Changde, you may enjoy the following events:
Laoximen Spring Festival activities
Lantern Festival at Changde Hejie Street (Mar. 2)
Spring Festival Celebrations in Taohuayuan Ancient Town (blind date; parent-child party; reunion dinner; intangible cultural heritage exhibition; cosplay; blessings given by ‘the God of Wealth’)
Lantern Festival Gala (Taohuayuan Ancient Town)


Chinese source: HNTourism