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15 July 2015

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Grape Picking in Changsha

Grape season has come. Enjoy roaming through the vineyards with your family selecting the choicest clusters of your favorite variety of grapes. Savor the grape aroma as you enjoy the beautiful suburb Changsha.


Baiguo Orchard


Covering an area of 1,100 mu (about 73.3 ha.), Baiguo Orchard is an ecological park integrating sightseeing and recreations. Various fruit trees cover the hillsides. Large bunches of grapes are seen hanging on their vines in July and August.

Address: near Leifeng Avenue, Wangcheng District

How to get there:
take Bus No. 918, or w111, or w204, or w207 to Baiguoyuan Stop.


Lianhua (Lotus) Town in Yuelu District


An orchard covering 1,000 mu (about 66.7 ha.) is still being expanded in Lianhua (Lotus) Town. The pristine water and fresh air is suitable for growing fruit.

How to get there:
Driving route: depart from downtown Changsha, then drive along Changtan West Line Expressway and county highway X079 to Lianhua (Lotus) Town.


Tianlu Grape Plantation


Tianlu grape is a high-quality native species in Meixi Lake area. Since 2009, it has been transplanted and cultivated from Meixi Lake to Xueshi Street.

Address: besides a transformer substation in Xueshi Village, Yuelu District

How to get there:
Driving route: turn right at the entrance of Changtan West Line Expressway, and drive to Jiulong Lingshihui Residential Community


Longtoujing Modern Farm


The farm has more than 200 mu (about 13.3 ha.) of Red Globe grapes. The farm soil is loose, fertile, and well-drained with sufficient sunshine and moderate humidity.

How to get there:
Driving route: depart from north gate of the Yuhua District government, drive 20km eastward along Xiangzhang East Road, and arrive at Gujing Village, Jiangbei Town, Changsha County, by way of Huangxing Town


Dicui Vineyard


There are 38 grape varieties. The vineyard has a 1,200-mu (80-ha.) international standard red globe grape plantation.

Address: near National Road G319, Zhenrenqiao Village, Leifeng Town

How to get there: take Bus No. 15 on the opposite side of Changsha West Bus Station, and get off at Dicui Vineyard


Songya Lake Eco-farm


The eco-farm has 20 mu (about 1.3 ha.) of grape plantation, including 10 mu (about 0.7 ha.) of ruby grape.

Address: Shuitangyuan Village, Ansha Town, Changsha County


Guangming Village Grape Plantation


The grape plantation provides a wide range of grape varieties.

Address: near Jinzhou Avenue, 1 km northwestward from Guangming Village, Wangcheng District


Lvye Eco-farm


The eco-farm plants many Japanese grape varieties.

Address: Jingmei Community, Taipingqiao Town, Liuyang


Guanshan Village Vineyard


Guanshan Village has 1,100 mu (about 73 ha.) of different varieties of grape.

Address: Guanshancun Community, Jinzhou Town, Ningxiang County


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