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15 July 2015

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Appreciating Lotus in Hunan

A trip to Hunan is often centered on classic spots. But if you head away from these sights, you will see something amazingly blooming. As summer comes, lotus are in full bloom across the province.


Fuhou Mansion, Loudi

Fuhou Mansion, the former residence of Zeng Guofan (a Chinese statesman, military general, and Confucian scholar in the late Qing dynasty), is the largest and best preserved official residence in south China. Its library is among the sixth batch of the cultural relics under state protection. The lotus in a nearly 20 hectares pond in front of the mansion come into bloom in June, lasting for two months.

Sandu Town, Zixing City

Acres of lotus bloom in Sandu Town, Zixing City, Chenzhou. You may taste glutinous rice cake wrapped by lotus leaves, and lotus tea; experience farm work like ploughing and stone milling; and, try to walk on stilts.

You may be deeply impressed by the well preserved ancient dwellings, stone arch bridges, ancestral temples, and stilted buildings.


Xianyu Ridge, Zhuzhou

Xianyu Ridge, about 10 km eastward from downtown Zhuzhou, has hundreds of mu (1 mu= 0.0667 ha.) lotus ponds, including a hundred mu of “space lotus”.

The “space lotus” is a type of lotus grown from seeds carried into space by Chinese astronauts in experiments and it designed to increase their yield.


Junshan Wild Lotus World, Yueyang

Walking into Junshan Wild Lotus World in Tuanhu Lake, you will find an open water teemed with lotuses. It boasts the largest area of wild lotus in Asia, stretching to over 5,000 mu (about 333 hectares). It was hence named as the "Home to Chinese Wild Lotus" by the China Wild Plant Conservation Association in 2009. Boating and picking lotus seeds on the lake is a must-do for visitors.

Junshan Wild Lotus World is located at Guangxingzhou Town, Junshan District, Yueyang City.


Chengzhi (townsite) Village, Changde


Located in Hangongdu Town, Chengzhi (townsite) Village is the former site of ancient Suoxian city in the Han Dynasty (202 BC – 220 AD). It has been surrounded by lotus for over 2,000 years. The village was included in the list of top-grade cultural relics under state protection in 2013.

Thousands of mu of creamy white and pink lotus are blooming this summer.


Baishi Township, Xiangtan


Xiangtan County is known as the “home of lotus seed in China”. Thousands of mu of blooming lotus in Baishi Township, Xiangtan County, attract numerous visitors every summer. Lotus seeds and lotus root starch produced here were paid as tributes to the emperors in ancient times.


Guangming Village, Wangcheng District, Changsha


In summertime, it is a pleasure to enjoy blooming lotus flowers while cycling along the rural roads. The dwellings, farms, and roads are well-arranged, presenting an idyllic and tranquil landscape.


Sujiatuo, Kaifu District, Changsha



Sujiatuo is the nearest lotus garden from downtown Changsha. Low-lying land with rich water resources is suitable for lotus growing. Most growers here came from Huashi Town, Xiangtan County. When summer comes, thousands of mu of lotus flowers are in bloom under Sujiatuo Viaduct on Changsha’s North Second Ring Road.


Wanhe Garden, Pushui Town, Xiangxi


Lotus flowers in Wanhe Garden are in blossom every June and July. You may also visit the local dwellings, and enjoy Chenghe Gaoqiang (a high-pitched opera) performance. The millennium town of Pushi has been promoted as a national 4A-level scenic spot.


Luowen Village, Nanxian County, Yiyang


When strolling in Luowen Village, some gorgeous graffiti walls come into sight first. The village is the first international graffiti art village in Hunan. A pavilion in the pond center provides visitors a good place to enjoy blooming lotus flowers.


Chinese source: HNTourism