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15 July 2015

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[Trip Note] The True Beauty of Chenzhou

By UNN BOREY (Cambodia)



The long-waited moments for the Chenzhou trip has come, and my Chenzhou journey has just begun. Wow, the five day trips has started– backpack on - feeling like I won the lottery of having the five day vocations for experiencing the beauty of rural Hunan where I have never been before. I was really curious. Curious to see the place I’d be going to visit, but more curious to experience bathing in hot spring I’d never had before. What was I possibly going to do while bathing in hot spring pool?


On my first day night, I was so excited while I heard that I could enjoy bathing in the hot spring at my hotel, Rucheng (汝城)Hot Spring Fuquan Resort. It was really amazing hot spring I’ve ever bathed in my life. Unlike in China, Cambodia doesn’t have hot spring because Cambodia is located in the tropical zone and warm to hot year around and the climate is dominated by the annual monsoon cycle with its alternating wet and dry seasons. The hot spring baths offer a slew of natural health benefits such as boosting blood circulation, reducing stress, promoting sleep, relieving pain naturally, and solving skin problems. Soaking in a peaceful, mineral-rich hot spring made me feel relaxed and relieved the joint pain, and I had wonderful night sleep after bathing in hot spring.



The next day morning, I had the privilege of attending the opening ceremony of the Chenzhou International (Hot Spring) Leisure Tourism Festival 2014 held in Rucheng County, introducing various cultural experiences for visitors to learn more about hot spring and aiming to boost the tourism in Chenzhou. Professional dancers staged traditional performances – including folk dancing, acrobatic performance, masked dancing, and music shows – at Reshuizhen Hot Spring Square (热水镇温泉广场) on November 8th, 2014.In the afternoon of the same day, my teammates and I left for Jiulongjiang National Forest Park (九龙江森林公园) located in Rucheng County on the border of Hunan, Guangdong and Jiangxi Province. The natural sceneries are too hard to explain and too hard to express; for me, its true beauty mineral forest and water fall makes me feel good and peaceful inside.



Another day of the trip we continued the visit to Mangshan National Forest Park (莽山森林公园) located at Yizhang County, Chenzhou. The lovely nook of evergreen broad-leave forest scenery of Mangshan, or a grand rock, like a beautiful woman, depends for much of its attractiveness upon the attendance sense of freedom from whatever is low; upon a sense of purity and of romance. Throughout the beautiful scenery of Mangshan, I had to keeping pinching myself. Was this real? Nature, in all it is amazing beautiful and splendor, just rejuvenates me, and never fails to amaze me. It has such a calming, serene and peaceful effect. One can so easily forget one’s troubles, or the urban life, and just want to absorb all the beauty. During the night time of the same day, I had another opportunity to take a bath in hot spring at Mangshan Forest Hot Spring Hotel. This time’s bathing in a hot spring really refreshed my body and soul and made my skin feel smooth. Also, I can enjoy the superb views of the green mountains while relaxing in the bath.



On the last day in Chenzhou, my friends and I got up early and headed to the emerging hot spot, Dongjiang Lake(东江湖), which is located at the upper reaches of the Dongjiang River, close to Beijing-Guangzhou Railway and 107 National Highway and 38 kilometers from the downtown of Zixing City. It is a majestic scene that shows us that we are so small in this universe, and I started to wonder, what beautiful things, that are unknown to the human eye, that exist out in the universe have we not seen. A lot of extremely beautiful spots such as Dongjiang Lake, Doushuai Spirit Caves, Hougushan Waterfall, and Dongjiang Dam have been explored, the images of the beautiful clear and green water,the fresh environment and the cool weather makes me feel like I am one with nature and also stay etched my memory forever. I can say that Dongjiang Lake is the most amazing place I have been in all my travels around China.



Chenzhou is super beautiful in all seasons, though: an all-natural mineral forest with the various big and small rocks scattered around the waterfall, the true beauty of mountain scenery, plenty of hot spring resorts, and wonderful clear-green water. If you want to find the true natural and peaceful place for relaxation, Chenzhou the top destination that you have to visit. Please take your time go and explore the beautiful Chenzhou.