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15 July 2015

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[Trip Note] There Is A Whole World Out There

By Khan Aawrish (Pakistan)


First of all, I would like to thank Hunan Official Web Portal( and Hunan Tourism Bureau who provided me this great opportunity to be a part of this photography expedition. Meishan cave(梅山龙宫) is by far the most amazing place I have ever been to, it’s believed that it’s almost 3000 meters long. This Hunan mysterious cave is renowned as one of the world's largest caves.


Next morning we drove about a couple of hours to Xinning County(新宁县) to visit Langshan Mountains(崀山), which was simply breathtaking. The scenery on the way there was beautiful, a wide vista of mountains and trees so the bus ride alone was a treat. But then, running along the road, you see it: highest ridges of the Langshan.




Mountain touching the skies, one of the great marvels made by nature. To get to the top, we rode a cable car up a mountain. While walking on the peak on a windy day, you feel a sense of peace!


Langshan mountain range has a rich natural scenery with lush greenery and numerous scenic spots.


Another amazing place we visited was Tianyi Lane(天一巷), it’s a narrow lane that runs almost 300 meters in length between two giant mountains. Nature's beauty never stops to amaze me, as you start going inside you feel the chilliness in the air even on a bright sunny day. This breathtaking place made me wonder how nature can be found in every corner of this planet. The widest of the lane is not more than a meter! For those who are adventurous and daring, this place is highly recommended.



The most marvelous peak in Langshan mountain ranges is the "Chilli Peak"(辣椒峰). As the name says, it’s like a red chilli which should be visited during autumn season as the trees on the peak turns red. A couple of years back, it was successfully climbed by the Spiderman (Alian Robert).


For those who are interested in nature, Hunan is a great place to visit. This part of China alone is one of the nature's masterpiece. It's a great life experience and I would love to visit these places again.


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