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Applicaton Procedures

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Selecting a School

Asking for the Enrollment Guide

Selecting Classes

Submitting Materials

Waiting for the Approval from School

Receiving the Enrollment Notification

Applying for Visa X or Visa F

Obtaining the Visa

Health Quarantine

Frontier Inspection

Customs Inspection

Registering, Initiating Enrollment Procedures

Applying to the Exit-entry Administration Department of Local Public Security Organ for the Residence Permit


Application procedures may vary between institutions and courses. We recommend that you visit the university’s website for the latest information. And you are advised to contact the admission office or the foreign students’ office at the institution you are interested in. Apply to the institution before the final application date. The application documents usually includes: a qualified copy of your highest diploma with a copy of the corresponding transcript, the application form and a copy of your passport. The necessary application documents varies in different universities.
Following submission of all necessary documents within a month or two, the university will send you the admission notice,a JW202 (Visa Application for Study in China) and guide for new students . The medical examination report is valid for a limited time, so do not do it too early. After you have received the documents, you may apply for a visa and make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months after leaving China.
After arriving in China, bring all the necessary documents to the registration desk. Upon registration you might also need to have a proof of insurance coverage. Also, when registering some universities only accept cash.

When living off campus, you must register at a local police station. Some universities can provide a list of housing possibilities and if you do wish to do this, it might be useful to make a reservation two months in advance.

Selection of schools and majors
Applicants can directly contact related universities or ask for materials according to the school directory enclosed in this book in order to choose a suitable university and subject; applicants can also check the introduction of accepting schools for International students and disciplines made by the CSC, or just visit related websites on Chinese education:

Preparing materials
Fill the application form required by the Chinese side;
Health checkup records for foreigners made by Chinese health quarantine departments;
Credentials of final diplomas and academic records;
In addition, applicants to study for master' and doctor's degree have to have letters of recommendation by two associate professors (or commensurate posts);
Self-financed applicants to study in China have to provide credentials of trustees for China affairs and financial guarantee, in addition to the above materials.
The above various materials have to be either in Chinese or in English, or enclosed with translations of the languages. Applicants can ask for related forms from Chinese embassies or consulates, or Chinese universities.

Application time and methods
Application time is from January 1 to April 30 for international students on inter-governmental bilateral exchange programs. Applicants should apply through their own country's organizations in charge of selecting students to study overseas.
Application time is usually from September l5 of the previous year to December l5 for international students on inter-university exchange programs, self-financed students, and those who start school in spring, while application time is from February 15 to June 15 for those who start school in autumn. For more information, please check admission brochures of universities. 

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