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15 July 2015

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FAQ on the "Recruitment Program of Foreign Experts (RPFE)"

1.What is the program mainly about?

As one of the sub-programs of the “Recruitment Program of Global Experts” (1000 Talent Plan), the Recruitment Program of Foreign Experts (RPFE) is to recruit non-ethnic Chinese experts, who are strategic scientists, leading experts in science and technology, or internationalized innovative teams capable of achieving critical technological breakthroughs, advancing the high-tech industries and promoting new disciplines.


Directed by the Working Group on High-Level Overseas Talents Introduction (hereafter referred to as the Working Group), the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (SAFEA) is responsible for RPFE implementation.


2. Who are the eligible applicants for the program?
Non-Chinese foreign experts under 65 years of age and shall meet relevant criteria.


2.1 RPFE looks for non-ethnic Chinese experts who are under 65 years of age, and in principle, have his/her doctorate granted by overseas educational institutions and are able to work in China for 3 consecutive years with at least 9 months for each.


2.2 In addition, applicants are required to meet at least one type of the following criteria:

(1) Being an expert or a scholar with full professorship or the equivalent in prestigious foreign universities or R&D institutes;

(2) Being a technical or managerial professional at senior positions in internationally well-known companies or financial institutions;

(3) Being an entrepreneur holding proprietary intellectual property right or key technologies, possessing overseas entrepreneurial experience, and well-versed in the related industry and international rules;

(4) Being a professional with entrepreneurial or innovative expertise mostly needed by the State.


2.3 Before applying for RPFE, the applicant shall reach an agreement or intention with the potential employer by which he/she shall work in China for 3 consecutive years with at least 9 months in China for each.



3. How to start with the application for the program?
For a potential candidate, he/she should first establish cooperative relationship (or cooperation intention) with a Chinese partner (possible employer) and the latter shall initiate the application procedures on behalf of the former.


4. During the evaluation process, is there anything for the applicants to prepare?
The experts reviewing the application files of a given candidate may call the applicant (or his/her employer) on demand for necessary information related to the program.


5. What positions can foreign experts take once they have been introduced to work in China under RPFE?
Experts recruited under RPFE can assume responsibilities in management and research.