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15 July 2015

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Registration of the Letter of Authorization by the Author on Printing and Photocopying the Publications by Entrusted Outbound Publishers

Sub-category: Administrative Licensing Item


Type of Document: Commitment Documents 


Permission Object: 

Outbound consignor who is entrusted to print and photocopy the publications 


Legal Basis: 

Regulations on Publication Administration ( Decree No.343 of the State Council) 




Charging Standards:Charging Basis  


Authorized Units Limit:Unlimited  


Legal Term:20 workdays  


Qualification:The consignor entrusted to print and photocopy the publication must obtain legal authorization of the author. 




1.The person in charge of the position: Government Affairs Center of Hunan Provincial Bureau of Press and Publication (Tel: 0731-84302654) 

2.Responsibilities and jurisdiction of the position  

(1)To examine the materials submitted by the applicants

(2) The applicants whose materials are incomplete or not in conformity with the legal form, shall be informed to correct the materials. If no notification is made to the applicants in the validity period, the application materials are accepted upon its receipt.

(3)The notice of acceptance shall be issued on the spot to the applicants whose materials are complete or in conformity with the requirements of acceptance, or materials after supplement and correction are submitted.

(4)If the administrative organization decides not accept the application materials, the notice of non-acceptance shall be issued and the reasons for non-acceptance shall be notified to the applicants in written form, stamped with the exclusive seal and date.

3.Acceptable Period of Time : Immediately  



A. Preliminary Examination

1.The person in charge of the position: preliminary staff in the administrative department of the Hunan Provincial Bureau of Press and Publication.

2. Responsibility and jurisdiction of the position

(1)Examine the permissive conditions and materials submitted by the applicants.

(2)Propose disagreed opinions and reasons, explain in writing to those applicants failing to meet the requirements and return the materials to government center.

(3)Propose preliminary examination opinions to those qualified applicants. The material dealing office will assign principals to examine the application materials.

3.Acceptable Period of Time : 5 workdays


The person in charge of the position: the principle in the administrative department of the Hunan Provincial Bureau of Press and Publication.

Responsibility and jurisdiction of the position

Examine the application materials according to the standards, propose agreed opinions to those qualified applicants and submit the application materials to leaders of the Branched Administrative Department for examination and approval.

Propose disagreed opinions and reasons, explain in writing to those applicants failing to meet the requirements and return the materials to Government Affairs Center

3. Acceptable Period of Time : 3 working days



1.Person in charge: leaders of the Branched Administrative Department 

2.Responsibility and jurisdiction of the position  

(1)Sign and issue the letter of approval for registration to those applicants who conform to the legal condition.  

(2)Refuse to accept the application materials of those failing to conform to the legal condition , return them to the Copyright Administrative Office and explain in writing to those applicants.

(3)Acceptable Period of Time : 4 workdays



1.The person in charge of the position: Bureau Government Center 

2. Responsibilities and jurisdictions of the position 

(1) Register for those who are granted with administrative permission.  


(2) Formulates letter of decision for those who are not granted with administrative permission, return the application materials to the applicants and inform them of the rights to apply for administrative review and file administrative litigation.

Acceptable Period of Time : one working day


Supervisory Unit  

The Inspection Office of Hunan Provincial Bureau of Press and Publication (Tel.:0731-84302580) 


Office Address 

The Government Affairs Acceptance Hall of Hunan Provincial Bureau of Press and Publication 


Bus Route 

Take No. 112,150,803,907,808 buses to the station of the First High School of Changsha, Hunan (Hunan Province Exhibition Hall).

Take No. 115, 348,405, 9, 159 buses to the station of Song Guiyuan. 


Office Time  

From Monday to Friday ( holidays and festivals excluded) Morning: 8:00-12:00 Afternoon: 14:30-17:30 (during summer: 15:00-18:00) 


Consultation: 0731-84302558 


Contact Person:Song Liang 0731-84302558