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15 July 2015

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Application for Re-issuance of Divorce Certificate

Accepting Department: Marriage Registration Office, Bureau of Civil Affairs of Loudi Municipality
Office Hours: 9:00 to 11:30, 13:30 to 17:00, Monday to Saturday (excluding   public holidays)
Address: Marriage Registration Office, Bureau of Civil Affairs of Loudi Municipality, No.13 Le Ping Avenue,Lou Xing District,Loudi City,Hunan Province
Contact Number:0738-8312532 


I. Requirements in applying for re-issuance of Marriage Certificate
Residents, who have transacted divorce registration at the marriage registration office of Bureau of Civil Affairs of Loudi Municipality, who lost their Divorce Certificates or damaged them, or found unconformity in certificates, and still retain their divorce status, may apply for re-issuance of divorce certificate. 


II. While applying for re-issuance of Divorce Certificate, the following certificates and papers are required
1. Applicants' permanent residence booklets
2. Identity Cards
3. Valid Identity Card of the Foreign counterpart
4. In case the applicant's divorce certificate was lost or in unconformity with certificate, he/she shall submit his/her divorce certificate.
5. Two 2-inch recent color photos of the applicant without hat 


III. Procedures of applying for re-issuance of Divorce Certificate 

1. Both Parties fill in the Statement of Application for Re-issuance of Marriage Registration Certificate
2. Marriage Registrar administers an oath and affixes his/her signature 

(II) Examination
1. Certifications and testimonial materials shall be examined to ensure their completeness, standards and validity.
2. Inquiry of relevant information
3. Record of Divorce Registration shall be verified
(III) Re-issuance of Divorce Certificate 

1. After verification, divorce certificate will be re-issued for those who conform with the re-issuance conditions.
2. The divorce certificate will not be re-issued to those who don’t conform to the conditions. The reasons will be informed. 

Certificate Transaction Duration & State and Municipal Policy Basis
Re-issuance of divorce certificate will be transacted immediately in accordance with Marriage Law of the People's Republic of China (PRC) 、Regulations on Marriage Registrar and Loudi Municipal Rules of Implementation of Regulations on Marriage Registration. 


Fee Standard & State and Municipal Policy Basis 

Marriage Registration Certificate shall be charged for 9 Yuan, in accordance with Notification of Unified Fee Standard Involving People Inside and Outside China issued by China’s State Development Planning Commission(SDPC)and the National Ministry of Finance People’s Republic of China (PRC) and the Notification of Fee Standard of Marriage Certificate issued by Price Bureau and Finance Bureau of Loudi Municipality. 


Notes:Don't forget to bring with you registered household residence residence identity card and photos.