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15 July 2015

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Application Procedures & Requirements for Return Visit of Foreign Adoptive Families

The foreign families, who have adopted children from children’s welfare institutes in Hunan Province, are requested to submit the following documents to the Hunan Adoption Administration and Service Centerbefore paying a return visit to the welfare institutes. 
i. One copy of "Adoption Registration Certificate" or notarized certificate for adoptive relations. 
ii. An application letter including: 
(1) A brief introduction of the adoption, including the original Chinese name of the adopted child, the name of the welfare institute and the date of the adoption; 
(2) Expected dates of the return visit and the traveling attendants; 
(3) Requirements for the visit (where to visit, whom are expected to meet and the accomodation expectation, etc.) 
(4) Contact information, email address or fax. 
Hunan Adoption Administration and Service Center has specially set a reception department for return visits of the adoptive families, offering services in English.For more information, please contact us: 
Address: No. 276, Dongfeng Road, Changsha City, Hunan, China 
Post Code: 410003 
Fax: +86 731-84517622 or +86 731-84502111 
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