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15 July 2015

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How does a person with a Z, X, or J visa apply for a residence permit?

The following questions needs to be answered accompanied by the requisite materials:
1. International travel document, e.g. diplomatic, official, or ordinary passport.

2. Written application form and one 2-inch ID photo.

3. Anyone with a Z-visa needs a work permit, Foreign Expert Certificate, Permit for Foreign Personnel in offshore petroleum operations, or approval letter from the Ministry of Culture or provincial, autonomous region, or municipal culture offices.

4. Anyone with an X-visa needs an official letter stating the period of study and an invitation from the Chinese school.

5. Anyone with a J-1-visa needs a press card and anyone with a J-2-visa, who has to stay repeatedly in China, needs an official letter from the Foreign Affairs Ministry Information Dep’t or foreign affairs office of the provincial, autonomous region or municipal government.

6. Family members of the applicant with a Z or J-1 visa need an official letter from the employer and the spouse needs to supply a marriage certificate, while parents or children need proof of kinship.

7. Any other related documents.