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15 July 2015

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Is there any update on what qualifications are required for a Z work visa?

Existing rules require that Z visas be reserved for positions for which the employer has a ”special need” and that is currently a “shortage” occupation in China. (1996 regs on the Employment of Foreigners, art. 6). These fairly vague rules lend themselves to varying local interpretations.


In Guangdong Province, 2011 rules require the provincial government to formulate and publish a list of occupations for foreign nationals’ employment, specifying encouraged and restricted occupations, in light of the economic and social development level and based on the supply and demand of human resources. (Interim Provisions of Guandgong Province on Administration of and Services to Aliens, art. 30).


The new Exit-Entry Administration Law is based on the Guangdong model. Various departments should cooperatively formulate and periodically adjust a guidance list regarding special need / shortage occupations. The list should be based on economic and social development needs, as well as the supply of and demand for human resources. (Art. 42). No such list has been published yet. It remains to be seen how the new law will be interpreted and enforced.