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15 July 2015

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What are the grounds of ineligibility?

The following are grounds for denying a visa, residence certificate, stay certificate, or entry to China (EEAL, arts. 21, 25; State Council regs., art 21):


a. The foreign national has infectious tuberculosis or other infectious diseases that might seriously endanger public health. (EEAL, art. 21). Further, the Exit-Entry Inspection and Quarantine Bureau prohibits entry of persons who suffer from serious mental illness. Implementing Rules of the PRC Health and Quarantine Law, State Council No. 574 (Apr. 24, 2010). The 2010 amendment to these Rules removed the prohibition on entry for persons with AIDS.


b. The foreign national practices fraud in the application process.


c. The foreign national is unable to guarantee that he or she can cover the costs for the period in China.


d. The foreign national is unable to submit relevant information requested by the visa-issuing office or exit-entry administration.


e. In the case of an applicant to the exit-entry administration, he or she is in violation of relevant laws and regulations. This could include, for example, a person who during the current stay has worked without authorization (see EEAL, art. 43), failed to report to the exit-entry administration a change in the purpose of his or her stay (see EEAL, art. 34), or overstayed.


f. The foreign national may engage in activities in China inconsistent with his or her visa classification.


g. The foreign national has been deported or expelled but not fulfilled the required number of years abroad before seeking readmission.


h. The foreign national might undermine China’s national security and interests, disturb social public order, or be engaged in other illegal criminal activities.


i. Other circumstances cause the visa-issuing agency or exit-entry administration to believe it would be inappropriate  to issue the visa, residence certificate, or stay certificate.


j. In the case of a foreign national seeking entry to China, other laws or regulations prohibit entry.