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15 July 2015

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What is the duration of stay for the new visa classifications and residence permits?

Stay certificates and “short-term” visas will be issued for a maximum stay of 180 days. (EEAL, art. 34; State Council regs, art. 36(4)).


An employment-type residence permit may be issued valid for 90 days to 5 years. (EEAL, art. 30). In contrast, a residence permit issued other than for employment may be issued valid for 180 days to five years. (EEAL, art. 30).


The law and State Council regulations don’t specify how, within those ranges, to decide the length of stay for a particular individual’s stay visa or residence certificate. Local practices vary. According to the Beijing provisional procedures, for example:



* For a person granted an extension of stay, the cumulative time of all extensions should not exceed the originally allotted period of stay as shown on the visa. (EEAL, art. 29). For a person who changes to a new visa classification, the cumulative period of stay since the date of the most recent entry should not exceed one year. (Beijing provisional procedures).