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15 July 2015

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Central South University


Ⅰ.A short Guide to CSU

Ⅱ. Enrolment & Arrival


Ⅳ.Daily life


1. Transportation

2. Residence Permit and Visa

3. Customs

Ⅵ.Provisions, regulations & Procedures

1. Rules of conduct

2. Procedures for admission to & departure from the University

3. Teaching and Studying Regulations

4. Fees

5. Dormitory regulations

6. Dinning Hall Rules

7. Receiving visitors

8. Library rules

9. Medical services

10. Rewards and Punishments



Ⅰ. A Short Guide to CSU


Central South University (CSU) is a comprehensive and national key university under the direct administration of the Ministry of Education in China. CSU was established in April, 2000 on the basis of the amalgamation of the three former individual universities, namely Central South University of Technology, Hunan Medical University and Changsha Railway University. Prof. Hu Dongxu is secretary of the CSU Committee, Communist Party of China and Prof. 


CSU is situated in Changsha, a famous historic and cultural city in China and the capital city of Hunan Province as well. Situated by the Yuelu Mountain near Xiang River, endowed with the beautiful scenery, picturesque surroundings and the favorable academic atmosphere, CSU is surely an ideal place for learning, teaching and research.



The fields of study at CSU cover 10 branches of learning, namely engineering, science, medicine, literature, law, economics, management, philosophy, education and history. The university now covers 29 second-class institutes and offers 70 undergraduate programs, 207 master's programs and 128 doctoral programs. It has 18 postdoctoral exchange centers, 17 national key disciplines, 3 national key laboratories, 7 national or ministry-level key training or research centers and 5 national talent training bases and research bases. Among its faculty members, there are 4 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Science, 12 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 354 doctoral supervisors, more than 1007 full professors and more than 2152 associate professors. At present, the total number of full-time students at CSU has reached more than 40,000, including more than 8000 graduates working for master's and doctoral degrees, about 33,000 undergraduates, more than 70 overseas students from more than 30 countries and regions and more than 15,000 students taking courses in degree and non-degree programs of adult education.


CSU is among the 32 universities first acceded to the "211 Project". CSU covers an area of 2,470,000 square meters and has a total floor space of 2,030,000 square meters. It also uses advanced teaching and research equipment with a total value of 1.0 billion Yuan (RMB). The university libraries covers 40,000 square meters and have a collection of 3,100,000 volumes. Information digitalization and automatic management are applied in these libraries. The university has 3 top affiliated hospitals that enjoy good reputation as "Xiehe is the best in north china, so Xianagya is the best in the south".


CSU will join the efforts of construction and development of the three universities and undertake the great responsibilities of history to build a first-class university and a world-wide influential comprehensive university. It will also carry out the great tasks of nurturing excellent intellectuals for the country, developing scientific and technical practices and promoting the construction of modernization.


Ⅱ. Enrolment and Arrival


On the period of enrolment for the overseas students: all the applicants should apply for the Autumn semester during the period from February to the end of June;the Spring semester during the period from the middle of December to the middle February; and short term course students can be enrolled according to the time on Admission Notice.


Applications from overseas students to apply for scholarship from the Chinese government or join the bilateral exchange programs between the governments are dealt with the Chinese embassies or consulates entrusted with the competent government authorities respectively. The prospective student will be issued the Admission Notice and the JW201 Form by the University or the competent authority. Students are not likely to make any changes in their specialties, research subjects or the duration of their study after their arrival of China. In special cases, when a change is necessary, a formal application for the change must be submitted to China Scholarship Council before March 1st by respective diplomatic or respective agencies in China or competent agencies which are responsible for the Students’ Affairs Office.

Applications for prolongation of study should be submitted to China Scholarship Council before March 1 by the respective competent agency.


Self-supporting students wishing to study in CSU may directly get in touch with the Admission Office. The University will issue the Admission Notice and the JW202 Form for the accepted applicants to apply for a visa.


All the applicants who wish to study one academic year or more, in CSU must apply for X visa (X for study). Those who wish to study no more than one semester should apply for X or F visa (F for visiting scholar). The applicants who hold other kinds of visa cannot undergo the registration procedures and cannot apply for the Alien’s Residence Permit.


The Spring academic year begins on March 1 and the Autumn academic year begins on September 1. Overseas students should come to register according to the dates on the Admission Notice. Those who fail to register within the fixed period of time mentioned above will not be accepted by the university, unless there is a special agreement. Students, who join the short-term Chinese courses, i.e. no more than one semester, should register according to the time on Admission Notice.

On arrival in Changsha, all the students are requires to register at CSU themselves with their "Admission Notice", "JW202 Form" or "JW201 Form". Students themselves must collect their unaccompanied luggage within the specified time by airport or railway station, since an additional charge will be made for extra storage.


International students are compulsorily advised to study carefully the rules and regulations of the University and observe them conscientiously.


Ⅲ. Study



There are two semesters in an academic year in CSU. The first semester is from September 1 to middle or late January of the next year. The second semester is from middle or late February to middle of July. Generally, there are 20 weeks in each semester. Except for summer and winter vacation, there are two days off in January 1(New Year’s Day), two days off on May 1(May Day, International Labor’s Day) and three days off on China National Day (October 1). There is no holiday on other anniversaries and traditional festivals.


There are five days for study per week. Saturday and Sunday are holidays. Students are required to ask leave through proper procedures, if they have poor class attendance they are certainly liable to school discipline.


Students should take all tests and examinations required by the teaching programs. Those who cheat in the exams will be granted "ZERO" and be certainly liable to the school discipline.


Undergraduates who fail to meet the academic demands for promotion should repeat the year. They are not allowed to repeat the same year twice. If they fail one of the courses in repeating year or they are deprived of taking exams in the repeating study year, they will be asked to terminate their studies. General scholars who fail the exams of the academic year may not continue their studies. The scholarship students who fail to go up to the next grade should be self-support. Scholarship students who fail to graduate because of their academic achievements may apply for make-up exams or thesis hearings in the following year as self-supporting students.


Students who have completed the required courses and gain a "pass" or above will be awarded appropriate Certificates.


Ⅳ. Daily Life


Students are supported to leave in overseas students’ dormitory buildings with bedding and furniture supplied. The dormitory buildings are equipped with shower rooms, toilets, washrooms, cooking equipments and telephones.


There are a few public dining-halls near overseas student building on campus where three meals a day are served. Any special dishes can be prepared by students in dormitory buildings.


On campus, there are various sports Facilities, including soccer, basketball, volleyball, badminton, tennis, table tennis and so forth. Students can borrow or rent sports articles with their student cards.


Students can join in any sport team organized by the University.


The University organizes track and field sports competitions each year. Various sport teams will be organized to participate in competitions inside or outside the University according to the condition of the students. In addition, other individual competitions are often organized to enrich and enliven students’ outdoor activities.


Activities to watch dances, dramas, films, acrobatics and other shows are organized regularly for students. Overseas students can also go to see films or watch performance at the school auditorium according to playbills on campus as the Chinese student does.


Each year, students are organized to visit historical or sight seeing places nearby Changsha. Group tours are organized by the University during summer and winter vacations. The scholarship students may enjoy one of these with subsidies from the University to cover part of their travel expense, bearing the full amount for food and the remainder of travel expenses themselves The scholarship students can only enjoy the preferential group tour once during the period of study at the University. Self-supporting students shall bear all the expenses of the group tours.


University will notice especially when it organizes other activities.


Ⅴ. Miscellaneous


1. Transportation


Buses No. 305, and Nishin bus passing by the University, go straight downtown. For the conveniences, students can buy Bus IC Cards. Bicycle serves as an important means of transportation. A brand new one costs about 300 to 500 RMB Yuan. Students should go and register at the local Bicycle Registration Office and pay taxes for their new bicycles with the receipt and I. D. Cards, The owner of a second-hand bicycle should undergo transferring procedures with the original receipt and relevant credentials; otherwise it is illegal.


2. Residence Permit and Visa


The overseas student is required to reconfirm his/her original health certificates or have physical examination in Hunan Health and Quarantine Bureau to obtain the Health Certificate as soon as he/her required to go to Hunan public Security Bureau with his/her Passport, photos of international passport size, Health Certificate from Hunan Health & Quarantine Bureau, Admission Notice, and alteration of the Residence permit must be handled by the student him/herself at the public Security Bureau two weeks prior to the expiry date after an approval is granted by the University, There is a penalty for an overdue application.


Students who want to live outside the campus should go to the local Public Security Bureau to register for the temporary accommodation, otherwise, it’s illegal. Students should not register accommodation with a Chinese I.D Card. those who violate the regulation will be punished by the police.


Should a student intend to make a trip abroad, he/she must report this to overseas students’ office three days in advance and get the approval of the University before he/she goes through the reentry-visa procedures in Public Security Bureau. Otherwise, he/she can not continue the study. If there is a special agreement, it should be in accordance with the regulations of the agreement.


Any alteration or damage of visa, I. D. Cards or certificates is not permitted and will be punished. Good care must be taken of the Alien’s Residence Permit. The loss must be declared in the newspaper at once and a new application should be made meanwhile. All the fees of the necessary procedures are borne by the students themselves.


Students may travel in China to places open to foreigners during holidays. All the regulations of the public Security Bureau should be observed during the travel. Before leaving, students should inform the Overseas Students’ Office where they are going, in case something happens while they are away. All travel formalities should be done by students themselves. It is illegal to enter any place that is not open to foreigners. The Ministry of public Security proclaimed that traveling to the open areas doesn’t need permits, but to the non-open areas it does.


When the accommodation address changes, Students should notice the local Public Security Bureau in time and ask them to change the address on the address part of the Foreigners’ residence certificate.


Students’ relatives or friends who want to visit them during their stay in China should apply to the Travel Agencies in their respective-countries which have a business relationship with the China International Tourist Service (CITS) for the necessary procedures to come to China. The University has no involvement in this matter, nor can it provide accommodation.


3. Customs


All the overseas students must observe the Regulations of China Customs. According to the regulations, students should go through procedures for import and export of their personal items.


Note: The regulations of China Customs will be changed sometimes, Please pay attention to and observe.



Ⅵ.Provisions, regulations & Procedures


1. Rules of Conduct


(1) Work hard and complete required courses.

(2) Obey all the provisions, regulations and procedures contained in CSU Rules.

(3) Have right attitude toward study and be on good behavior.

(4) Respect the faculty and staff.

(5) Maintain the civilized environment and the normal order of life and study on the campus.

(6) Respect your fellow students and cultivate friendship between each other.

(7) Participate in physical education and pay attention to hygiene.

(8) Observe the laws and statutes of the Chinese government.

(9) Respect Chinese customs and habits.

(10) Maintain and promote friendship and unity among the people of all the countries.



2. Procedures for Admission to and Departure from the University


A. Admission


(1) "Admission Notice", "JW 202 Form" or "JW 201 Form" are required for registration at the Foreign Affairs Department.


(2) Students are required to attend the orientation lecture which will give general information on CSU and its rules, regulations and procedures.


(3) Scholarship students may collect their monthly allowance from the Bank. Those who register on the 15th of the respective month or early can get the allowance of the whole month. Those who register later than the 15th of the respective month can get half of the month allowance.


Self-supporting students pay their tuition fee, teaching material fee and accommodation fee in full at the Financial Office. Students should pay cash in a time.


(4) Students will be assigned rooms and supplied with bedding and other articles. A card has to be signed on receipt of items.


(5) Students should submit health certificate to Hunan Health & Quarantine Bureau and have it reconfirmed. Those who do not have health certificates, or did not go through all the items required, or whose health certificates do not accord with the demands must undergo a further medical examination and pay by themselves. A student whose health does not meet the requirements of the examination must leave China at once and pay for his/her own transportation home.


(6) Registration procedures at the Overseas Student’s Office are as follows:

a) Present the passport and for a self-supported student the receipt obtained from the Financial Office for payment is needed;

b) Present twelve passport-size photos;

c) Fill in the "Registration Form".


(7). Students will be given a briefing on the "Law of the PRC on Entry and Exit of Aliens" and other laws and decrees concerned by Public Security Bureau. And fill a Registration Form of temporary residence for visitors to make Residence permit with all the fees paid by themselves.


(8) Students will receive identification cards and University badges.


(9) The old student must go through the registration procedures at the Overseas Students’ Office with his/her student I. D. card (and the receipt for the payment of the fees for the self-supported student) in the first week of each semester, then he/she will be arranged to start classes by the relevant department with the registration card and the school transcript. Otherwise, he/she will not be allowed to attend classes and will be subject to a penalty.


B. Departure from the University


(1) Students who leave the University (transferring to other schools, leave-of-absence, discontinuation of schooling or graduation) must draw a Clearance Form from the Overseas Students’ Offices and go through the clearance procedures in accordance with the regulation, balance the account and return all university property, bedding, library cards, and I. D. Cards. The certificates in English will be given after all these are done.


(2) Students who have graduated or terminated their studies must leave the University within half a month on receipt of leaving note.


(3) Transferring students must leave the University in 10 days after finishing all the procedures of transferring. The living allowance of the scholarship student will be issued by the prospective institutions from the next month of transferring.


(4) Scholarship students who transfer to other schools will be provided a railway ticket from Changsha to the city where the prospective institutions located and transferring fees of 50kg luggage (Just for clothes and books, furniture, electrical appliances, bikes are excluded). Fees for other procedures will be paid by students themselves. Self-supported students will pay the fees for transferring and other procedures themselves.


(5) If a scholarship student who ought to transfer to another university refuses to leave CSU by the fixed date, no housing will be provided for him/her. He/she has to bear all the costs him/herself.


3. Teaching and Studying Regulations


(1) Students are expected to be fully aware of the class rules. Regular attendance is required. Students are required not to miss class and not to be late for class and not to leave class before it is over.


(2) Proper Procedures are necessitated for sick/personal-leave. Missing class will be regarded as absence.


(3) Overseas students enjoy the same holidays as the Chinese people as well as the winter and summer vacations. No holidays will be granted on a festival or holiday of the student’s own respective country.


(4)  Overseas students are kept within bounds of the attendance policy of the university and the Overseas Students Office. Those who want leave Changsha or go abroad should ask a leave and undergo related procedures in the overseas students’ office or they would be regarded as absence.


(5) Students who study more than one semester should come back to register on the fixed time. If they fail to come back for the registration without permission of the University, they will be regarded as absence. After the semester starts, student will be struck off the school rolls if he/she fails to register in three weeks.


(6) Students who have registered as language students or advanced students can apply to be transferred into undergraduates according to the relevant regulations during their study periods. And they can be undergraduate students after being authorized.


7. Leave-of- Absence

1) A student who is unable to continue the course due to personal business may apply for Leave-of-Absence, which should be one semester or one academic year. It should be permitted by the university and be authorized by their own embassy and the CSC.

2) A student who is unable to continue the course due to illness may be asked for a leave of absence. The period of the leave should be one semester or one academic year.

3) A students who ask for Leave-of-Absence due to personal business or illness has to submit a written application to the overseas students’ Office and clear all procedures. Then the student will be issued a certificate for leave-of-Absence.

4) A student who resumes study after Leave of Absence due to illness must send a health certificate certifying his/her recovery to the University two months before he/she returns. The student is allowed to return only with the approval of the University and to be re–admitted only after he/she again passes the health examination at the University.


8.Transfer of school and change of majors


Generally, international students are not supposed to transfer school or to change their majors.


International students, who want to transfer school or change their majors for special reasons, must submit a written application and any official document from the respective employer or the respective embassy is necessary and The permission from CSC is required.


9.Overseas students are forbidden to obtain employment illegally. Otherwise, measures will be taken against the students according to the seriousness of the case.


4. Fees


1. Full-scholarship students are exempted from fees for tuition, accommodation, common medical care (420Rmb/ per year, per person) and teaching material. Undergraduate students and MS students and PH D. Students receive a monthly allowance for daily expense of 800 and 1100 and 1400 RMB Yuan respectively. Advanced students receive allowance according to related agreements. Students can pick up their monthly allowance from the bank by a special bankbook.


2. Scholarship students will be granted the allowance until the end of the month of their graduation.


3. Scholarship students who spend their summer or winter vacation outside China and do not return by the required date will not be entitled to the scholarship for the period from the required date of arrival until the date of their arrival.


4. The scholarship is not given to students who seek Leave-of-Absence. Scholarship students who discontinue study lose their status as a scholarship student from the date when they discontinue study.


5. 600yuan RMB allowance for the scholarship students with duration of one year or more, and 300yuan RMB extra allowance for those not more than one year will be granted for daily necessities at the first month of their study.


6. According to the regulations of China Scholarship Council, all of the Chinese-Government-awarded overseas scholarship students whose duration of study is one academic year or more should reconfirm their status as scholarship students on the basis of attitude to study, academic performance and attendance, behavior, prize or punishment and so no. Only those who qualify the reconfirmation can so on. Only those who qualify the reconfirmation can continue enjoying scholarship in the next academic year.


7. The yearly costs for self-supporting students, apart from food expenses, are as follows ;(only Chinese RMB or US dollar can be paid)

a) Registration fee :50 US Dollars.

b) Tuition fees:1, 900 US Dollars per year for undergraduate students and general advanced students.

1, 700 US dollars per year for Chinese study.

2, 400 US dollars per year for M. A. Students.

3, 000 US dollars per year for senior advanced students, ph. D. students.

C) Accommodation fee: The rent of the student dormitory varies in price from 1.5 to 4 US Dollars per bed per day. Students have to pay for the accommodation for six months in advance at the beginning of each semester (including deposit). The balance of account is settled on a daily basis when the student leaves the University.

d) Teaching material fee: self-support.


b) and c) should be paid at one time at the beginning of an academic year for new students. From the second year of their study, they may pay the fees twice a year. If they cannot pay all the fees by the required date, they will lose their status as students. They will be required to leave the University within two weeks after the final examination. Those who have got permission to postpone the payment because of special reasons should pay in the required period.


8. In principle, students can get no refunding of their fees paid except for accommodation fee.


9. If students, approved to have a leave of absence, have paid the tuition fee for two semesters, the fee for the second semester are reserved until they resume study. If they fail to resume study or come back to register later than the scheduled time, no refunding will be issued.


10. The students’ travel expenses to and from China will not be borne by CSU.


11. With regard to the above-mentioned expenses, if separate agreements exist between the two sides, such agreements will be effective.


12. If the above-mentioned expenses have any changes, the University will not announce specially.


5. Dormitory Regulation


(1) The overseas students’ dormitories only accept registered students who hold ordinary passports.


(2) Rooms are assigned by the dormitory staff. Students are not allowed to change rooms without permission or take a room without authority. Those who break the rules will be liable to fine between 200 to 500RMB or even be compelled to leave the school according to the serious of the case.


3. Scholarship students have to pay the expense if they prefer living in higher standard rooms.


4. Two Undergraduate scholarship students are supposed to share a room, and the master and doctor degree students are supposed to have a single room. When there are any vacancies, they can have a temporary single room by paying the full room rent. The University reserves the right to assign them a roommate whenever it is necessary. Any student who refuses to accept the assigned roommate shall be liable to a fine, or be against by disciplinary measures. Those who want single rooms due to special reasons should go to the overseas students’ office with their personal written application. and they should pay the single room monthly in time after being authorized. Defaulters have to pay 1U. S. Dollar per day for late payment.


Those who want to quit single rooms must find themselves a roommate, they will stop paying the extra rent from the date when they have a new roommate.


5. No lodging if offered to the married couple or their family members.


6. Those students who have already lost their status as students must leave the University within the fixed time. The University will not provide accommodation and the belongings left by the students will be at the disposal of the school.


7. It is forbidden to hold any activities, which are against the law and the University rules, in the dormitory. Transferring or subleasing of rooms without permission are forbidden.


8. Take good care of public property. It is the student’s responsibility to keep his/her room and its surroundings clean. It is not permitted to place objects in the corridor that may obstruct passing, and to place or hang anything on the window and to throw objects out of the windows. The raising of poultry or keeping of pet animals is not allowed.


9. Quiet should be maintained in the dormitory. Students are not allowed to hold parties with dancing and loud music, or to create undue noise in and around the dormitory, or to hold any activities that disturb the study and rest of others. Students who break this rule will be fined 100~500RMB Yuan in general against by disciplinary measures. Punishments should be more seriously taken against those much serious cases.


10. Insure against the fire accident, Put out of any fire source (such as cigarette holder) and cut off electricity source before leaving the dormitory.


11. Students living on Campus are required to be back to the school before 23:00. Male persons are not allowed to enter the female students’ dormitory after22:00. Female persons are not allowed to enter the male students’ dormitory after 22:00.


12. It is forbidden to damage or disassemble or refit the installations in the dormitory. A fine will be charged for any damage or loss of public property.


13. Save the electricity energy and obey the electricity precautions. Electric appliances, which are more than 500w and liable to cause fires, are not permitted to use within dormitory, such as electric stoves, electric heaters. Once founded, Electric cookers or any heaters will be confiscated and the user will be fined by 200~500 RMB according to the seriousness of the case.


14. Fire precautions must be observed. It is forbidden to remove discriminately the switch boxes and fire extinguishers. Inflammable substances are not allowed in the room. Fireworks are forbidden in the building. Anyone who causes a serious accident will be subject to punishment by law.


15. Keep the gas room clean when making food, remember to switch off the gas after using it, and clean the kitchen.

16. It is forbidden to set off firecrackers and fireworks. Those who violate this regulation will be fined 100 to 500yuan RMB, or will be detained.


17. Usually foreign students are supposed to live in Foreign Students’ dormitory, Those who should live out of the Foreign Students’ dormitory or change living address for some special reason must register in the Local Public Security Bureau beforehand and move in after the room and the room owner’s efficient I.D. Card being checked by the Exit-Entry Administration Division of Changsha Police station. Those disregard the rules will be subject to punishment.


Attention: Pay special attention to the surroundings to make sure of personal security and private articles security when living outside. Report to the Local Public security Bureau when facing security problems. If needed, report to the police by dialing 110 for normal emergency case and 119 for fire emergency case.


18. A good cooperation should be given to dormitory staffs when they into students’ rooms because of their necessary work, the students are not permitted to change their door locks. Forbid to keep other’s room key and send yours to others.


19. Please take good care of your valuables belongs and close the door and the windows before you leave your rooms. Register by the service desk is necessary.


Foreign students’ bikes should be kept on parking place, those that were parked on any other places especially those places hinder anti-fire facility will be confiscated by the University Security Division.


20. Those who want to start Internet Service should go through required procedures and handing in required fees in the University Internet Center.


21. All the above rules must be observed conscientiously. According to the seriousness of the case, any student who disregards the university’s rules will be subjected to punishment.


6. Dinning Hall Rules


Foreign students can have meals in Public Dining Hall, and should observe all the dining hall rules when having meals.

 Keep in order, commotion is forbidden. No admittance to the kitchen for unauthorized people. Take care of the table-wares, any damage must be paid. Get food by orders. Follow the instruction of the catering manager.


University supply the basic kitchen facility in the Foreign Students’ Dormitory, Students can make food themselves.


7. Receiving visitors


1. Visitors must produce identification cards or other efficient certificates at the University gates and fill in the Visitor’s Form, which is to be returned there after being signed by the host when the visitor leaves the campus.


2. Visitors should respect visiting hours, leaving the campus before 22:00. They are not allowed to stay overnight at the University.


3. Tutors of foreign students are exempt from registering when entering the building after showing their cards.


4. The university students and staff members should show their students cards or the staff cards and register before entering, and cancel the register when they leave.


8. Library Rules


1. Library cards can be done at the school library with student I. D. Cards. Library cards are not transferable.


2. Each library card can only borrow 5 books altogether at one time. Books are to be returned within two month or they must be renewed. Students with overdue books will be fined.


3. Good care must be taken of books. Do not mark, damage of lose them. Loss of the borrowed books should be compensated according to the regulation.


4. Dictionaries are not to be lent out and can only be consulted in the library.


5. Take along efficient card, properly clothed, vest, shorts and slippers are forbidden. Commotion and smoking are forbidden to keep the library clean and quiet.


6. Observe the library rules and other regulation concerned.


9. Medical Services


1. The University Hospital provides outpatient care to students with CSU student I. D. Cards.


2. Normal cases are treated during consulting hours. Fees should be paid for the establishment of the individual medical file at the first time.


3. Scholarship students see the doctor in university hospital and pay money in advance. The money can be asked back from overseas students’ office. Each student can spend 420 RMB Yuan in one year. If over this quota, 20%~50% should be paid by students. Register fees is needed to be paid and individual medical file is needed to be taken along when seeing a doctor, Emergency register fees is required for a emergency case. If ask a doctor to visit at home, the fees should be paid by the students themselves.


Those are in hospital should pay their own foods.


4. A transfer note from the University hospital is required when a scholarship student has to visit a hospital (normally the assigned hospital) as an outpatient. Otherwise, he/she has to pay for all the cost. The patient needs to pay for the transportation.


5. False teeth, spectacles, abortion and nourishing medicines are available at the student’s expense.


6. Students who cause any accident by violating disciplines of the University and the Chinese law must bear all the expenses for the results.


7. Self-supporting student must pay for all medical expenses.


10. Rewards and punishments


1. International students will be rewarded with a Certificate of Merit and some awards as well for their good studies and behavior in observing the university’s regulation, in respecting the tutors and other people and in getting along well with their schoolmates. The university will issue Fine Study Prize for International Students to those who can achieve remarkable results in their studies every academic year and will inform this to the respective embassies in China.


2. Students who often support and help teachers and schoolmates will be awarded properly and be informed to respective embassy.


3. Those who violate the rules of the university will be punished. Criticism and disciplinary measures will be taken in accordance with the seriousness and the students’ attitude which the students are holding towards their mistakes.


Six different disciplinary measures to be taken area as follow:

A: a disciplinary warning

B: a serious disciplinary warning.

C: a demerit record.

D: to be kept in school but placed under surveillance.

E: to be compelled to leave the school.

F: to be expelled from school.


The University authorities will publish the above decision and inform the respective embassies to China.


4.According to the seriousness of the case, the disciplinary measures measured above will be taken against any student who has disregarded the University’s regulations, damaged public property, indulged in excessive drinking, engaged in fights, injured others by tools or weapons, and other misconducts, taken drugs, sold drugs and so on. Probation is for a period of one year. Should the student be able to make up for his/her deficiency, he/she will be taken off probation. Otherwise, it will be considered grounds for mandatory dismissal from the university. A student who is unable to continue the course due to violation of the University rules must go home immediately.


5. Those who make commotion, interrupt others’ study and rest among the time observed for study and rest, reject dissuasion at least will be recorded a demerit. Those incite and organize the public to hinder the university normal living and study orders t will at least be recorded a demerit.


6. The punishments will be even seriously taken against any rule-break students who has one of the following case:

1) Those whose attitude towards the rule-break facts is bad, reject to confessing the rule-break facts, conceal the key polts, forge polts.

2) Those who violate several rules simultaneously.

3) Those who break the rules several times.

4) Those who threaten, menace, retaliate the people who report, expose the facts.


7. Those who disperse counteraction, obscene books and acoustics publications will at least be taken off probation according to the seriousness of the case.


8. Those who prostitute oneself, visit prostitute, assail a women with obscenities, make bold to cohabit will be at least recorded a demerit according to the seriousness of the case.


9. Rules for study

1) Those who are absent from class less than 30 hour will be given a disciplinary warning or a serious disciplinary warning or a demerit record according to the seriousness of the case.

2) Those who are absent from class less than 40 hour will be taken off probation according to the seriousness of the case.

3) Those who are absent from class more than 40 hour will be compelled to leave the university according to the seriousness of the case.

4) Those who leave university without a authorization for less than 6 days (including 6 days) will be given a disciplinary warning or a serious disciplinary warning or a demerit record according to the seriousness of the case. If more than 6 days, the rule-break students will be taken off probation or compelled to leave the university according to the seriousness of the case.


11 Miscellaneous 


1. Foreign students should abide by Chinese laws and statutes. Those offenders will be punished accordingly.


2. Students must observe the school rules of study and rest. All activities of overseas students are supposed to create a good study environment.


3. All activities of overseas student(s) should be for the purpose of study and friendship. They are not allowed to get involved in China internal affairs and be employed illegally. Students’ behavior must not hinder the Chinese social order. Students must not encroach upon the interests and right of other people, and they must not harm Chinese safety and interests.


4. Students are allowed to hold parties with such proper reasons as the celebration of major festivals. All parties must obtain the permission of the University authorities. In order to ensure safety and peace of the campus, the following rules must be observed:

a) All parties must be held at a place designated by the University.

b) All parties must be finished before 23:00

c) Only overseas students and the University staff are allowed to take part in.

d) The use of electricity other than at the place designated is not allowed.


Students who break this rule will be fined or against by disciplinary measures, more seriously punishments even to be compelled to leave the school would be taken against those much serious case.


5. Show your I. D. card or University badge if demanded when passing the University gates. Those who ride bicycles should get off their bicycles when passing the University gate.


6. Take care of the flowers and plants as well as campus facilities maintain the safety, quietness and tidiness on campus. Fires on the campus are forbidden. Smoking is forbidden in no-smoking area.


7. Parking your bicycles at the parking places for bicycles. Bicycles should be locked. To use others’ bicycles without the permission of the owner is forbidden.


8. All the offices of the University will be closed during the winter and summer vacation. Students who need to apply for re-entry visas or Alien’s Residence permits or Renewing of student I. D. Cards should have them done before the beginning of the vacations at the overseas students’ office of Foreign Affairs Department.


9. The distribution, exhibition, posting of propaganda materials or showing of films or videos by students on campus is not allowed.


Note: Only the Chinese text of this booklet will be taken as standard.


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