2017 China (Hunan) International Tourism Festival Slated for September
China (Hunan) Int’l Tourism Festival 2017 to Kick off in Xiangyin in Sept.

It will be held on September 25 at Yangsha Lake International Tourism Resort in Xiangyang County, according to relevant departments on July 27.The first tourism promotion fair for Pan-Pearl River Delta Region (known as "9 + 2", which comprises Guangdong, Ha...

Yueyang to Host 2017 Hunan International Tourism Festival
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First Dongting Lake Tourism Forum

National, provincial and municipal leaders, experts, scholars, and travel agencies will meet to discuss waterfront tourism development in and around Dongting Lake. The forum aims to solicit advices on the scientific, effective, and innovative development of...

Tours to Inspect Hunan Classic Travel Routes

International and domestic tourists will depart from Xiangyin to popular tourist attractions across Hunan, getting an idea of Hunan natural and culture landscapes through mountains, rivers, pavilions, islands, and ancient towns.

China · FHM (Yangsha Lake) International Motorboat Invitational Tournament

The Motorboat Invitational Tournament will be held at Yangsha Lake International Tourist Resort between September 21 and 26. Now more than 200 motorboat riders from 30 countries and regions along the "Belt and Road" have applied for participation.

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Hot Tourist Destinations
Zhang Guying Village

Baling landscape includes Yueyang Tower, Junshan Island, Memorial Temple of Qu Yuan and Zhang Guying Folk Custom Village.

Yueyang Tower

Baling landscape includes Yueyang Tower, Junshan Island, Memorial Temple of Qu Yuan and Zhang Guying Folk Custom Village.

Junshan Wild Lotus World

Junshan Wild Lotus World boasts the largest habitat of lotus in Asia, stretching to over 5,000 mu (about 333 hectares).

Junshan Scenic Area

The largest island in Dongting Lake, the Junshan Scenic Area, is called the ‘Love Island’ of China. The story of Liuyi, a popular play, tells that Libya, a young scholar, delivered a letter to Dragon King for his daughter, who was maltreated by her husbandand got married.

Shiniu Village National Geopark

It has a height of 523 meters and stretches over 10 square kilometers. Because there stands a huge stone that resembles a yellow cow to the west in the area, the place is also called Shiniuzhai (In Chinese, Shi means stone; niu means cow; zhai means stockade).

Mufu Mountain

The Mufu Mountains are a sub-range of the Luoxiao Mountains stretching roughly southwest-northeast for about 200 km from Pingjiang County, in Hunan, to Jiujiang County in Jiangxi. It covers 6,468 hectares with it highest peak reaching 1,606 meters.