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15 July 2015

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10th Dongting Lake International Bird-watching Festival to Open in Yueyang

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On November 30, the Hunan Forestry Department and the Yueyang Municipal People’s Government jointly held the press conference in Changsha for the 10th Dongting Lake International Bird-watching Festival. Chief engineer of the Hunan Forestry Department Gui Xiaojie announced that the festival is to be unveiled in Yueyang from December 5 to 7, and sub-venues are set up in Changde and Yueyang.


The first domestic bird-watching festival, co-organized by the Hunan Forestry Department and the Yueyang Municipal People’s Government in December 2002, and now has been held for 9 sessions.


On the theme of “Protecting bird-viewing resort for the beautiful Dongting Lake”, a series of activities will be held, including opening ceremony of the Bird-watching Festival, the Dongting Lake Bird-watching Competition, International Symposium on Ecological Protection and Green Development of Dongting Lake, the launching ceremony of the Bird-watching Competition Alliance, and "Helping migratory birds fly" Volunteer Action in Dongting Lake.


Hunan is a major green province. The stable forest and wetland ecosystem breeds and preserves abundant species resources. Hunan boasts nearly 500 recorded species of birds, one third of the national total, among which 11 species are under first-level state protection and 53 species under second-level state protection. Every winter, there are more than 340 migratory birds gathering in the Dongting Lake, where the national first and second-class protected animals like white cranes, white storks, grey cranes, and little swans are often seen.

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