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15 July 2015

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Red Carbonate-Rock Stone Forest National Geopark

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Xiangxi Red Rock Forest National Park is located in Jietong and Duanlong Township in Guzhang County with an area of 30 kilometers square. Its opposite bank is the famous scenic spot “Furong Town”. It is the unique red carbonic acid rock forest in China formed in Cambrian. It is believed that long time ago the forest was covered with water.


Now, Red Rock Forest is being developed into a national geological park where karst, gorge, karst cave, valley and waterfall are distributed together. It is really a resort of both high value of geologic and scientific research, aesthetic appreciation and landscape. Another attracting and mysterious thing is that the color of rocks here can change with weather and temperature. In summer with hot sun, its color turns into fiery red. During cloudy day, it would be maroon and purple. However in heavy rainy day, it is black.



Red Rock Forest can really be called the first marvel in Hunan and it will certainly give you a brand new tourism experience.


The scenic area within Duanlingshan Town of Guzhang County occupies an area of 20 square kilometers or so. Huge rocks in grotesque shapes are found everywhere. The resort is called "The First Marvelous Sight in Mount Wuling" for its exquisite, towering, strange-shape and ancient land formations.


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