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15 July 2015

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A picture about the legend of Niulang and his wife Zhinü.


The Double Seventh Festival (Qixi Festival) is one of Chinese traditional festivals, and also known as a Chinese Valentine's Day. It falls on the seventh day of the seventh Chinese lunar month. In 2016 it falls on August 9 (Tuesday). There is no public holiday for this festival.

Double Seventh Festival Facts


Chinese Name: 七夕节 Qīxījié /chee-sshee-jyeah/ 'Seventh Evening Festival'
Date: August 9, 2016 (Month 7 day 7 of the Chinese Lunar Calendar)
History: over 2,000 years
Celebrations: giving gifts (flowers, chocolates, ties or watches) to their loves, making a special date, having a romantic dinner, or watching a movie in the evening
Alternative name 1: 乞巧节Qǐqiǎojié /chee-chyaoww-jyeah/ 'Pleading Skills Festival'
Alternative name 2: 女儿节Nǚérjié /nyoo-urr- jyeah / 'Daughter's Day'