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Nanyue, also called Mount Hengshan, located at longitude 112°45'E and latitude 27°12'N, is characterized by a humid sub-tropical mountain climate. Accordingly, the mountains and valleys in this area are always surrounded by clouds and mists, with such days numbering more than 240 in a year.
The major producing areas of Nanyue Yunwu Tea are distributed in the regions along the Huagai Peak, Guangji Temple, Tiefo Temple, etc. with elevations ranging from 700 to
1000 meters. These areas feature a mild climate,little sunshine, and low atmospheric pressure, with an average temperature of 11.5℃, annual precipitation between 1600 to 2900 mm, and relative humidity above 80%.
Starting from the cableway terminal of Mount Hengshan and walking 4 km to the Guangji Temple, you may find yourself surrounded in every direction by mists, until you finally reach Pilu, one of the three producing areas of Nanyue Yunwu Tea.

Pilu Cave is actually not a cave, but a big valley between Zhunong Peak and Zigai Peak. Entering the upper side of the tea garden, the view is extremely limited. But when you go downhill and approach the Guangji Temple, the landscapes opens up. The tea trees stand on both sides, tier upon tier, ready for your review. Looking back, you will see peaks all hidden in the mists and clouds. In the afternoon, standing on the tea mountain near the Jinzhong Ridge, listening to the sound of flowing water in the Longfeng (Chinese Dragon and phoenix) Stream, and admiring the luxuriance and greenness, you will see a luminous sea of clouds in the valley below.
"There is Jiamu (good wood) in the south." (Citing a title from writer Wang Xufeng's Tea Lover's Trilogy) According to research, the origin of the Jiamu Tea Tree is in the rainy and moist primeval forest of southwest China, thus the tree gradually becoming accustomed to heat, moisture, and shade. Nanyue, with its subtropical moist upland climate, has "three realms of climates." To be specific, the elevation arranging from 500 meters to 900 meters is the "second realm," with the most clouds and mists. Those graying hillsides, with the most warm and humid soil, are heaven for tea trees.
It has been recorded that Pilu Cave is"surrounded by clouds and mists for around 240 days a year." In a test report by the Hengyang Environmental Protection Bureau,it is said that "the best-quality air in the Nanyue area lies here". Hence, it nourishes the best 420 mu tea garden in Nanyue.