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    The State Council of China promulgated the Implementation Plan for the Recent Priorities of the Health Care System Reform (2009-2011) (hereinafter referred as Implementation Plan) on April 7th,which states clearly that according to the Opinions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on Deepening the Health Care System Reform (hereinafter referred as "the Opinions"), five major reform programs should be carried out with emphases from 2009 to 2011, i.e. 1) to accelerate the establishment of the basic health insurance system. 2) to preliminarily establish the national system for basic pharmaceuticals. 3) to improve the community-level medical and health care service system. 4) to gradually press ahead with the equalization of basic public health services, and 5) to push forward pilot projects for public hospital reform

    The State Council officially promulgated Opinions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on Deepening the Health Care System Reform (final version)(hereinafter referred as "the Opinions") on April 6 after five-month soliciting and revision of public opinions. 850 billion Yuan will be invested to support five reforms in the coming 3 years. "The Opinions" discarded over-maketization of reforms conducted before, and promised to strengthen government's responsibility in the basic medical and health systems, unceasingly increase fund input, and maintain social equality and justice. "The Opinions" first proposed that basic medical and health institutions will be available to all the people as public products. By 2011, all urban and rural residents will have been covered by this system, and the problem of inadequate and overly expensive medical services for the ordinary people will be solved substantially.

    "The Opinions" consists of six parts with over 1,3000 characters. It keeps to the principle of serving the people and guaranteeing their health, aiming to ensure that everybody can enjoy fundamental health care and medical services for the public welfare.

    "The Opinions" proposed to promote the gradual equalization of basic public health services. The items of basic public health services will be defined and the content of services specified. Starting from 2009, the basic health care services covering disease prevention and control, maternity and child care, health education, etc. will be gradually offered to the rural and urban residents. The state-level major health care services will effectively prevent and control critical diseases and other dangers to health, further improving the ability to emergent public health events. By 2011, the basic medical care and insurance system will have covered all the rural and urban residents and the basic medicine system will have been gradually established, the pilot projects of the public hospitals score breakthroughs, so that the accessibility of service quality of the basic medical services will be obviously improved while the expenses for medical treatment effectively reduced, thus easing and finally solving the problem of inadequate and overly expensive medical services.

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