The opening ceremony of 2011 Hunan International Tourism Festival & the site opening ceremony of Zhuzhou Huaqiang Fangte Happy World

Date: Sept. 12

Place: Huaqiang Fangte Happy World of Zhuzhou City

The blessing and praying ceremony themed with"People Across Taiwan Strait Offering Sacrifice to Ancestors and Ushering in Happiness and Fortune to China"

Date: Sept. 12

Place: Yan Emperor Sacrificing Square in Yanling County of Hunan Province

Fangte Happy World Park Activities

Time: 2:30~5:30,Sept. 12

Place: Fangte Happy World Park

Hunan Regional Final of 2011 Miss World Tourism Pageant & Award Ceremony of Tourism Ambassador for the Xiangjiang River

Time:Evening of Sept.12

Place: Sports Center, Zhuzhou city
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